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In the early '90s, no one made it more hip to be square than Steve Urkel -- the nerd with a heart of gold who managed to become one of the most memorable TV stars of the decade. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about the Winslow family and their unforgettable neighbor!

"Family Matters" was a spinoff of this series.

Before she was on "Family Matters," Harriette Winslow was an elevator operator at the Chronicle Building where Larry and Balki worked on "Perfect Strangers."


Where is the series set?

"Perfect Strangers" takes place on the mean streets of Chicago, Illinois, where Carl Winslow is a police officer.


How many children do the Winslows have?

Carl and Harriette Winslow are the proud parents of three children, including eldest son Eddie, middle child Laura and youngest daughter Judy -- who was written out of the show in the fourth season.


Urkel was only supposed to be a guest star, not the focus of the show.

It's hard to picture "Family Matters" without Steve Urkel, but the nerd next door was never supposed to be more than a simple guest star. He appeared midway through Season 1 and was so popular that he gradually became the focus of the series.


Where does Harriette work after she leaves the Chronicle?

Harriette progresses from an elevator operator to director of security at the Chronicle, before finally moving on to become head of sales at Ferguson's Department Store.


What is the name of Harriette's younger sister?

Hariette's sister Rachel moves in with the family, along with her son Richie, and opens a restaurant called Rachel's Place -- after Urkel accidentally burns down Leroy's.


Who does Urkel date throughout much of the series?

Urkel has an on-and-off relationship with Myra Monkhouse from Season 4 to Season 9. At times, his love for Myra gets in the way of his feelings for longtime love Laura.


Who is Eddie's best friend, played by Shawn Harrison?

Eddie is best friends with Waldo Geraldo Faldo, who has a sister named Quesadilla and an Aunt who goes by Velveeta.


What is the name of Steve's Southern belle cousin?

Myrtle Mae Urkel, played by Jaleel White in drag, heads to Chicago from her home in Biloxi, Mississippi, on occasion. She has a massive crush on Eddie and sometimes comes between Eddie and his girlfriend Greta.


Who does Laura go on her first date with?

In the Season 1 episode "Laura's First Date," Carl makes a decision he will later regret when he picks Steve Urkel to attend a school dance with Laura, who was upset because she didn't have a date.


Whose party is Steve at when he introduces the Urkel Dance?

In the Season 2 episode "Life of the Party," dance history was forever changed when Steve introduced the Urkel dance at Maxine's rooftop party. Later, Steve fell off the roof after drinking spiked punch.


Who played Maxine on "Family Matters?"

It was Cherie Johnson -- who played Cherie on "Punky Brewster" -- who starred as Laura's best friend and Waldo's girlfriend Maxine.


What does Steve use to win a rope climbing competition in Season 3?

Knowing he can never out-muscle his competitors, Steve invents a jet pack to win the rope climbing contest in "Brain Over Brawn."


What does Steve take Carl to court over in Season 3?

After Carl crushes his rare and valuable Peruvian beetle, then refuses to apologize, Steve takes Carl on "Citizen's Court" to settle the case.


What does Steve name the robot he invents?

Steve invents Urkelbot in Season 3, but abandons the project when the robot tries to win Laura for itself. Later, Steve revamps his creation to help Carl fight crime.


What show does the cast appear on during the Season 4 premiere?

When Steve and Carl are feuding, the only way to settle things is for the pair to compete on "American Gladiators." Waldo's cousin Sabre helps them land a spot on the show.


What does Steve break to make Laura mad in "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Urkel?"

After Steve breaks an ornament that Laura planned to give as a gift, she is furious with her neighbor -- until her guardian angel Tyrone appears and teaches her the true meaning of Christmas.


Who does Steve transform into in "Dr. Urkel and Mr. Cool?"

The Season 5 episode "Dr. Urkel and Mr. Cool" is Steve's first appearance as his much more hip alter-ego Stefan Urquelle.


What is Carl trying to fix when he uses Steve's transformation chamber in the Season 6 premiere?

Hoping to fix his eyes without going to the doctor, Carl steps into Steve's transformation chamber. After Myra tampers with the machine, Carl steps out as Carl Urkel in the two-part Season 6 premiere.


What class almost prevents Steve from graduating?

After failing phys ed, Steve almost fails to graduate. To pass, he must learn to swim, so Laura pretends to drown to give him some added motivation in Season 6.


Who does Urkel transform into in the Season 6 episode "Ain't Nothing But An Urkel?"

Hoping to impress a college recruiter by using his transformation chamber to transform into Albert Einstein, Steve accidentally transforms into an Urkel-like version of Elvis -- which almost costs him a chance at MIT.


Where does Stefan propose to Laura for the first time?

On a trip to Disney World in Season 6, Stefan proposes to Laura. Things go wrong for the couple when Laura messes with the transformation machine to keep Stefan from turning back into Steve.


Where do Steve's parents move in the Season 6 finale?

Steven's parents move to Russia in the Season 6 finale, leaving Steve at home alone until Carl agrees to let him live with the Winslows.


Who do the Winslows adopt in Season 7?

The Winslows adopt 3J -- that's Jerry Jamal Jameson -- in Season 8 after meeting him through Steve in the episode "My Big Brother."


Where does the family travel using Urkel's teleportation device in the Season 8 premiere?

In a three-part premiere episode, the Winslows use the Urk-Pad to travel to France, where Steve ends up being held hostage at the Paris Opera House.


What do Steve and Carl use to travel through time?

In the Season 8 finale, Carl and Steve use a time travel watch to travel through time. They land on an 18th-century pirate ship until Myra, Laura and Maxine show up to rescue them.


What is the name of the evil dummy version of Steve?

Stevil shows up in the Halloween episodes of the final two seasons of the show. In Season 9, he's accompanied by an evil dummy version of Carl known as Carlsbad.


Who does Laura agree to marry at the end of Season 9?

After both Stefan and Steve propose to Laura at the end of the series, she chooses to spend her life with Steve, who has never stopped loving her.


What happens to Eddie at the end of the series?

At the end of the series, Eddie becomes a cop like his father. He is saved one day when a bulletproof vest that Carl gave him helps to deflect a bullet.


Where does Steve go in the final episode of the series?

In the last episode, NASA is so impressed with one of Steve's inventions that they send him into space, where he promptly causes the shuttle to crash into a satellite.


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