Design Your Future Home and We'll Guess How Old You'll Be When You Get Married!

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About This Quiz

Building your dream home is a milestone that everyone strives to reach, and although everyone may not get there, they all have an idea as to what they would like to have in their future homes. Some people have gone as far as putting it onto their dream board, which contains everything from the style of home that they would like to the type of fabric that they will be using for their kitchen curtains. 

Along with the new house, marriage, and sometimes children, usually follow soon after, but many people don't know and would like to know at what age and when it will be. People who get married in their 20's are usually looking for that life partner to go on adventures with, while those who wait until the age of 50 probably never saw themselves walking down the aisle. 

If you were given free reign to design your future home, what would it turn out like and would it give any indication as to when you will be saying your vows? The only way to find out is to take this quiz! Tell us everything down to the paint color, and we will tell you when you are going to tie the knot.

How many rooms do you want the house to have?

How many bathrooms are there going to be?

What bathroom appliance is a must-have for your dream bathroom?

Where would you like the home to be?

Which of these home improvement shows do you watch for inspiration?

What design style are you going for?

When you look out your window, what kind of view would you love to see?

How many square feet would you like your house to have?

How much money are you willing to spend on a house?

What kind of flooring are you planning on laying down?

Which of these appliances must be in your kitchen?

Most of your kitchen appliances will be from which of the following brands?

What kind of countertop would you put in your kitchen?

What kind of chandelier will you hang above your dining room table?

What is your favorite room in your current home?

How much time are you planning on spending at home?

Which room are you most likely to put up wallpaper in?

Which of these artists' works would you love to hang on your wall?

Where will you be buying most of your furniture?

Which of these home assistants would you purchase?

If you had an extra room, what would you turn it into?

What do you do when your home needs renovations?

Which of these doors would you choose for your front door?

Which of these colors would you paint the outside?

Which of these paint names sounds like something you would pick for an interior wall?

Which of these outdoor add-ons would you like?

Which of these would you splurge on if you had extra money?

Who would be the most likely to visit your home?

Which natural occurrence would your home be affected by?

Where would you build a second home?

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