Design Your Fairytale Adventure and We'll Tell You Which Celebrity Will Be Your Prince Charming

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While growing up with Disney princesses always finding their Prince Charmings, many of us have considered our own fairytales and how they would turn out. The most important aspect of any fairytale fantasy is who your prince actually is. While many of us have given up on finding a real-life prince, and turn to celebrities and untouchable crushes who would end up saving us from the evil monsters and wicked witches in the end (because, hey, if we're going to pretend we're in a fairytale, we might as well go all out for our happily ever after). 

Unlike real life, your fairytale fantasy prince can be anyone and it's usually someone everyone seems to adore. He's also someone who knows a thing or two about saving the girl. Whether he's stacked to the top with muscles and an 8-pack or he just has that smile and those arms that are meant to save you from the bad days you've had, your fairytale fantasy Prince Charming is just a few short questions away. We want you to tell us about your ideal fairytale adventure because we want to see if we can guess who is your celebrity Prince Charming. Answer these questions to find out if we really are that good!

Every fairytale adventure has a villain. Which of these best describes your villain?

How far do you have to travel for your adventure?

Every fairytale heroine has a sidekick. Which of these best describes your sidekick?

Where does your fairytale adventure take place?

What weapon do you need to defeat your enemy?

How dangerous is your journey?

In your adventure, which of these best describes you at the beginning?

At the end of your adventure, what are you?

Which of these best describes the character you first meet on your adventure?

What is the first danger you encounter on your journey?

Who saves you from the first danger you encounter?

Where do you sleep while you're on your adventure?

What is your first trial on your adventure?

What is the second trial you have to complete on your journey?

The third trial in any fairytale adventure usually requires facing the villain. Where do you and your villain face off?

Does anyone die during your adventure?

During which time period is your fairytale set?

Are there bad things that aren't the villain in your adventure?

What kind of food are you eating on your adventure?

How long will your journey last?

Is there any magic in your fairytale adventure?

In your fairytale adventure, do you have magical powers?

What do you have to do to defeat your villain?

At what point do you fall in love with your Prince Charming in your adventure?

Which twist is going to happen in your adventure?

What is your one character flaw?

Which of these settings is in your fairytale adventure?

Which event starts your fairytale adventure?

Does your fairytale adventure have a sequel?

How does your fairytale adventure end?

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