Design Your Dream Life And We'll Tell You Which State You Should Live In!

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HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS! Within the United States, there are tons of different regions. From the frigid, fast-paced Northeast to the sunny and relaxing West Coast, you'll find tons of different states with different modes of living. Where is the ideal location for your life? Design your dream life and we'll tell you which state you should live in!

The 50 states are often divided into the Northeast, Midwest, South and West - although additional divisions are possible as well. 

The Northeast is often associated with the fast-paced business world. With cities that never sleep, you'll be sure to find people constantly on the go. In the South, you'd find smooth tunes, delicious food and comfortable living! Family is the number one priority, but having a good time is definitely second!

The Midwest is the place to be if you favor remote areas. This is surely the area for friendly faces who know how to work hard! Traveling further west, the West Coast could be your ideal location, with its sunny weather, creative aura and laid-back attitude. Which of these regions do you belong in?

Would you like a large house? Is a view of the ocean important to you? Do you need a place with peace and quiet? Design your dream life! Not only will we tell you which region you belong in, we'll narrow it down to which state you should live in! From quick-moving New York to relaxed California, take this quiz and we'll tell you where you belong!

Get ready to pack those bags!

What field would you like to work in?

How important is wealth to you?

How remote do you want to be?

Do you mind paying taxes?

Do you want a really massive house?

Do you want a lot of private land?

Do you want to be near culture?

Do you want to be near the ocean?

Do you like snakes?

Do you like forests?

Do you want to ride public transport?

Do you mind needing a four wheel drive vehicle?

Do you want to ride in a fancy luxury car?

Would you like to cruise around in a sports car?

Do you like dressing up in fancy clothes?

Do you like having lots of friends who live nearby?

Do you like riding horses?

Do you enjoy surfing?

Do you like the idea of being around movie stars?

Do you like being around buffalo?

How do you like your mountains?

Do you mind having to fly to get anywhere?

How are you with wildfires?

Do you like peace and quiet?

What do you think about sand?

How do you like your local legends?

What do you want to do to keep healthy?

What do you want to do to better yourself?

Do you want to do much traveling?

What pet would you want?

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