Design Your Dream House And We'll Guess Which State You Should Move To

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No two dream houses are ever the same! Take a few moments to clear your mind, and then think about how you would design your very own dream house. Would it have a terraced view of the sea, or would it have a lot of outdoor storage for firewood? The choices you make when you go on a no-budget building spree can say a lot about you, including the state you should really consider living in. 

Are you the type that would love to curl up next to a fireplace during a winter storm, or does falling asleep to the crashing waves sound more your style? While some folks prefer opulence, others prefer earthy log cabins with a view of farm country. Your dream house should be as individual as you are! Whether you choose shag carpet for your bedroom or you prefer laminate floors, you'll give away hints about the state that would be suit your personality. 

Grab your tool belt and your blueprints! As you go through the quiz, choose the option that matches your lifestyle or your wildest whim. Then, we'll tell you where to point your moving truck! Will you be heading to New England or will you be the next big splash on the west coast? Let's find out! 

What would you do with extra outdoor space?

Would your dream house have a pool?

What style house do you like most?

What kind of floors would you have in your bathroom?

What luxury feature would you want in your master bath?

How many bedrooms would your dream home have?

What kind of countertops would you like in your kitchen?

Would you want carpeting in your living room?

What would you like to see from your bedroom window?

Would your dream house have a garden?

Would you hire someone to decorate your home?

What room of your home do you spend the most time in?

What bonus room would your dream house have?

How many cars will your garage need to fit?

Do you prefer an open plan space?

What color family would you paint your walls?

How long would your driveway be?

Which area of the country do you live in now?

What kind of window treatments would you use in your den?

What is most important to you in a home?

Will your dream home sit on a lot of land?

Which celebrity's home would you model your home after?

How many people would live in your dream home?

Which word would describe your dream dining room?

How many bathrooms would you have added?

Do you mind living close to others?

What color appliances would you have in your kitchen?

Would your dream home have a basement?

Which body of water would you prefer to live near?

What would be the most impressive room in your dream home?

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