Design Your Dream Home and We'll Tell You Which Dog You Should Adopt

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If you're like us, then you know that any house that doesn't have a dog in it is doomed to feel just a little... off. It might be the most beautiful home, in the most desirable neighborhood, with all the necessary mod-cons and amenities you could desire. It might have a beautiful yard or river frontage or that topiary sculpture in the shape of a unicorn that you always dreamed of one day calling your own.

It might be entirely sustainable, off-grid, and the most affordable house in the world. It might host the best parties and enjoy the best zip code and boast the most excellent schools. Still, if it hasn't got a dog, it's doomed to feel a little sad, a little sterile, a little lonely.

Let's imagine you have your dream home - and money is no object in this particular quiz. Tell us all about it: where it is, what's in it, what features it does and doesn't have. Once the house is perfect, we'll be able to point you toward the right sort of dog to share it with you. That way, even if you never actually get that dream house in reality, you will at least have your dream dog - and that's a pretty great start!

Where is your house?

How high are the ceilings?

How many people can live it in at the same time without feeling cramped?

Who will decorate it?

How much of the floor is carpeted?

How big are the windows?

What sort of oven is there?

How much counter space does the kitchen have?

How many reception rooms are there?

What special room do you have?

What's the outdoor space like?

What is the weather like?

Is the house on a hill?

Is it generally open plan?

Is it expensive to maintain?

Is it pet-friendly to any animals other than dogs?

What dog-friendly feature does it have?

Where is the nearest store?

What shape is the roof?

What is on the interior walls?

Does it have his and hers bathrooms?

What special outdoor feature might it have?

What outbuildings are there?

Will you build it from scratch or buy it?

How accessible is it?

Is the interior accessible to someone who is less than fully hale and hearty?

How much cleaning does it require to look good?

If you sold it, what would you expect to get for it (bearing in mind this is your dream home!)?

How long could you have a guest before you were annoyed?

How many books would be in the house?

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