Design Your Dream Home and We'll Guess Which Zodiac Sign You Should Actually Be!

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About This Quiz

Dream homes are exactly what they sound like; the homes that people have dreamt of being able to own and live in for the rest of their lives. A lot of people go through life trying their best to own property that they can call their own, and while not everyone will be able to claim one, those that do have said that it is one of their greatest accomplishments. 

Much like a dream wedding, a dream home requires much planning and in most cases, a lot of money. They also take up a lot of time, and a fair amount of patience is needed, especially when unexpected issues arise. 

When you think about a dream home, you immediately think about a mansion with a view, but that isn't always the case. Some people prefer to own tiny homes, boat houses, and even refurbish industrial lofts. 

If you have ever thought about what your real zodiac sign should be, then you can find out by taking this quiz. All you have to do is design your dream home. You can pick everything from the kitchen countertops to the color that you are going to paint the house, to what you are going to do with your bonus room. When you're done, you'll find out what your true sign is. 

Which of these U.S cities would it be in?

What kind of scenery would you like to have?

What style home would you own?

How big is this house going to be?

What is your budget for the home?

What color are you going to paint your new home?

Which of these DIY shows would you watch for ideas?

What was the inspiration for your design?

How do you want your home to feel when you are done?

What is the most expensive room in the house?

How many bedrooms must it have?

Of the following, what would you like to have in your master bedroom?

Which of these features do you want is your master bathroom?

How large will the television in the living room be?

Which of these Smithsonian sculptures of art will be in your dining room?

Which of these types of instruments would you keep in the foyer?

What color will your backsplash be?

In your kitchen, what material will you be using as a countertop?

Which of these snacks would you keep in your pantry?

What will your bonus room become?

Where are you planning on buying your furniture?

Which of these devices will you purchase for your home?

Where will you be spending your time after a long day of work?

Which if these cacti will you add to your little garden?

What kind of animals would you raise in your backyard?

Which of these water features would you have in your backyard?

Do you plan of having people over often?

What kind of party would you throw at your home?

Which of these cars would you keep in your garage?

What kind of neighbors do you want to live near?

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