Design a Superhero Costume and We'll Tell You What Powers You'll Have

Zoe Samuel

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A costume or uniform of any kind is a kind of thesis. Not all uniforms can be used for all purposes: a Marine Corps dress uniform would look ridiculous on a ballerina, and vice versa. Uniforms are purpose-built. Some uniforms are meant to withstand high altitude, while others make all wait staff seem anonymous. Some uniforms are meant to be friendly and disarming, like that of a toy store salesperson, while others are meant to be off-putting but bland, like that of a bodyguard.

Superheroes are their own special case. It's hard to call what they wear a "uniform" since it's rare that more than one superhero wears the same outfit. "Costume" is probably more appropriate. Superhero costumes are nearly always built specifically for the needs of the wearer, from the hand-wavingly "sciencey" costumes of the Fantastic Four, to the homemade sartorial excellence of Spider-Man, to the Silicon Valley fantasy that is Iron-Man.

You are about to go shopping for the items that will make up your very own superhero outfit. Once you've assembled your uncanny outfit, we'll tell you what spectacular powers you've earned for use with your brand new super suit. Are you ready? Because with great power comes great fashion decisions...

What fabric do you want for your costume's base layer?

What manner of footwear do you prefer?

What sort of leg covering will you wear?

How will your legwear fit?

What sort of fabric will your legwear be?

How many pockets must your legwear have?

What color will your legwear be?

What sort of belt will you don?

What sort of "rig" will you wear on your hips or legs?

What sort of top will you wear?

What material will your top be made of?

What color will your top be?

What style of jacket will you wear?

What color will your jacket be?

What material will your jacket be made of?

What sort of rig will you wear on your torso?

What sort of gloves will you wear?

What material will your gloves be made of?

What sort of cape will you wear?

Assuming you chose to wear a cape, what color will your cape be?

Assuming you chose to wear a cape, what fabric will it be?

What symbol will you choose as your logo?

Where on your costume will you put your symbol?

What gadget will you have as part of your everyday carry?

What magic relic will you carry as part of your costume?

What sort of eye protection will you wear?

What sort of mask will you wear?

What kind of helmet will you wear?

What kind of body armor will you wear?

What sort of weapon will you carry?

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