Quiz: Design an Outfit and We'll Guess Your Age!
Design an Outfit and We'll Guess Your Age!
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Throughout your life, you'll deal with a body that changes, as well as priorities that change, and hopefully a budget that does too (ideally by trending continually upward). That means that your idea of what makes a good outfit will be in permanent flux from the moment you're capable of expressing an opinion about it to the day that it doesn't matter anymore. 

You'll care more and more and more what people think - until a point where suddenly you'll realize you just don't give a stuff about other people's opinions and you're going to dress for yourself. (For some of us, that moment comes earlier than for others.) 

You'll have the priorities of a school pupil at one point, a college student or young worker at another, a rising professional at another, and then perhaps a parent, an empty nester, or a glamorous retiree. 

Your idea of what's sexy, what's expensive, and what's simply too high maintenance to bother purchasing in the first place, will all move in one direction or the other as you progress.

Tell us all about your current fashion priorities and preferences, and we'll figure out where you are in the great circle of life!

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