Design an Outfit and We'll Tell You Which Wedding Dress Flatters Your Body Type

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About This Quiz

A wedding is one of the most important days of anyone's life, so it stands to reason that some major decisions have to be made concerning its preparations. One of those decisions belongs to the bride, who has to figure out which dress she'll be wearing when she walks down the aisle. 

The dress has always been one of the biggest parts of any wedding ceremony. A bride has to look and feel beautiful as she takes her last walk as a single woman and her first steps as a married woman. You can understand why choosing the best dress possible is important. It has to fit the bride perfectly, no matter her shape or size, and it must make her feel comfortable, as well as drop-dead gorgeous. But how do we choose the right dress? 

Come select an outfit: tell us all about the tops, bottom, shoes and accessories, and we'll determine the wedding dress that's best for you. You'll even get to tell us a few details about the kind of wedding you're envisioning. 

So, if you want to find out what kind of wedding dress will flatter your shape and match your style the best, take this quiz! 

Where will you be going in the outfit you design today?

What kind of event are you attending today?

Is there an expected style of dress for today's engagement?

What kind of colors will you be wearing?

You need some underwear, but are you going with comfortable or sexy?

Of the following tops, which one will you wear?

Which of these bottoms do you want?

Will you be wearing any kind of hosiery?

It may get cold. Which of these jackets would fit your outfit best?

Do your shoes have to match your outfit perfectly?

What kind of shoes are you going to wear?

You spill something on your clothes, so you have to go change into something more casual. What bottom do you want to wear?

What casual shirt would be your favorite?

Which of these shoes match your style?

Which of these earrings will fit your look best?

How many fingers will get a ring?

What kind of necklace are you thinking about wearing?

Will you be adding bracelets?

Which of these are you most likely to shove in your pocket?

What do you often rush back home to grab?

In what season would your dream wedding take place?

How many guests would attend your dream wedding?

How much are you budgeting for your dream wedding?

Where will your wedding take place?

What color will your wedding dress be?

How long will your wedding ceremony last?

Which words will be used by your guests to describe your wedding?

What kind of cake will you be smashing into your partner's face?

What vehicle will you ride away from your wedding reception in?

Where would you want to go for your honeymoon?

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