Design a Superhero Hideout and We'll Tell You What Powers You Have

Ian Fortey

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Even if you don't read comic books, there's no chance you're not aware of all the comic book characters out in the world.  Thanks to movies like "The Avengers" and "Wonder Woman," comic books and superheroes are bigger than ever. Comics are a cultural phenomenon, and everyone knows who Batman and Spider-Man are at this point. They're fun to read about, fun to watch and on some level, it's also fun to imagine where you might fit into that universe. If you were one of the Avengers or an X-Man, what kind of hero would you be? What power would make you stand out as the ultimate hero?

The thing is, with so many heroes out there and such a diverse range of abilities that they all seem to have, it can actually get a little overwhelming. Would you be incredibly strong? Would you fly? Would you have amazing weapons? Could you talk to plants? Turn into electricity? Phase through walls? The options are almost endless. What you need to do is take it easy on yourself for a minute and stop stressing. Instead, design your superhero hideout, and we'll just use the info we learn from your design plans to tell you exactly what power you're going to have. You'll be off fighting supervillains in no time. Take the quiz and see!

Is your hideout going to be hiding in plain sight or tucked away where no one could ever find it?

Are you building your hideout on your own or not?

How many people are going to know the location of your hideout?

What kind of defenses is your hideout going to have to keep out those dastardly villains?

They say location is everything, so where do you want to build your hideout?

Obviously secret real estate is not super easy to come by, so how big is this hideout going to be?

What are you keeping in your hideout besides yourself anyway?

Do you think your hideout is going to be a grim and broody kind of place?

Do you have a backup plan for if your hideout ever gets destroyed?

Say you're in your hideout and some enemies raid the place. What's the plan in that case?

Is your hideout going to be a place you're in all the time or just when you need to do something very specific?

You'd be surprised how many heroes forget the basic amenities. Is your hideout going to be equipped with a kitchen?

How important is it that your hideout live up to the aesthetic of your costume and persona?

On the off-chance your place gets destroyed, what will you do then?

Do you feel like you'd do well with a really old hideout or something more modern?

Do you figure you'll have people working in the same building as your hideout?

You know what makes a really cool hideout? Portability! Is your hideout mobile?

Can your hideout help you get to any cool and unexpected locations?

If one hideout is good, then two must be awesome. Are you going to have more than one place you can hang your cape?

Some superhero hideouts really lend themselves to darkness. Is your hideout a grim and dark place?

Sure, looks aren't everything, but they're something. Do you have a preference for the type of architecture?

How do you plan to get into your hideout from the outside, anyway?

What's going to be the coolest gadget you have in your hideout?

Are there going to be any natural elements incorporated into the design of this hideout?

The term "hideout" obviously implies hiding, so is that the main function of this place?

Is this hideout going to be a refuge for other people in need?

Is this the kind of hideout that takes care of itself or are you racking up some bills to pay for this place?

Do you plan on using your hideout to house and protect and super dangerous things?

Do you have the skill to build this entire hideout yourself or are you having help?

So what happens when you want to move out of this hideout?

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