Design a Prom and We'll Guess the Year You Were Born

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Prom night is a day that you look forward to for many of your school years. Questions flood your mind, especially as the night comes closer. What will you wear? Where will it be? Who will you go with? For some, prom was the best night of their life while for others, it may not have been exactly what they had hoped for. No matter what happened, you can now have another chance at planning your dream prom, your way!

There is a lot that goes into planning large events, especially prom. You'll have to think about many different things such as the budget, the guest list, and the entertainment. Your peers are counting on you to make it a night that they can remember forever. Once you're done planning the event itself, then it's important to think about yourself as well. It is your special night to celebrate with your peers as well, so make sure that you enjoy it!

There's a lot that we can tell from your prom choices, but on this quiz, we'll have to guess your birth year. If you don't think we can guess it, then you'll have to find out by taking this quiz!

The menu is important when it comes to all functions. What kind of food will be there?

Time for the guest list. How many people are attending?

What is the theme?

Money talks. What is the budget?

Time to put together a seating plan. How will you arrange the seating?

How will you advertise it?

Everyone needs to be in the know for the greatest prom ever held! How will you keep all attendees in the loop?

Will you have security?

Don't forget to think about the overall look and feel of your prom. What kind of lighting will you have?

What kind of prizes will you have to win?

It's time to tell everyone the location. Where will your prom be held?

So, you've got the who, what and where, but there's one more thing to think about. When is your prom happening?

One important step is to make money. How will you fundraise?

What kind of decorations will you go for?

What is the price for a ticket to your prom?

It's time to think of yourself! What hairstyle will you choose?

Attire is important at prom! What style is your outfit?

With prom usually comes asking someone out. Do you have a date?

A picture is worth a thousand words. What kind of options will your photo booth have?

How will you arrive to the party?

What party song will you dance to?

Entertainment is key. What type of games will be there?

Time to give away the most prestigious honors of the night. Who will win prom queen?

Who will win prom king?

So, now you've chosen the prom queen and kings, but now you need their attire. What will your crowns look like?

It's fun to dance with your date! Which slow song will you dance along to?

What unique activity will you have at prom?

Aside from a few select classic songs, what genre of music will be playing overall of the following?

Every party has to come to a close. What time does it end?

Prom is all over. Who's cleaning up?

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