Design a New Wardrobe and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status

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A lot goes into designing a whole new wardrobe. When it comes to clothing, there's print, texture, color, shine, sparkle, and so much more encased in all kinds of fabrics. Even a simple and classic plain white cotton T-shirt can look entirely different when worn by different people in different ways. That is what makes fashion so much fun. Everyone has different tastes, likes, and dislikes, and everyone's ideal wardrobe would be very different!

Are you curious to see if we can guess your relationship status from your tastes when designing the ultimate wardrobe? Are you coupled up for life or living the single life? And can we guess that from the kinds of shoes, coats, and accessories you would rather have? Can your love of color and texture clue us into the secrets of your relationship status? How much can someone's preferences in scarves or hats or belts really say about them?

Here's your chance! Build the wardrobe of your dreams and fill it with all of your favorites. Do you prefer springtime florals, the latest trends, or do you just always want to be head to toe in leather? Based on your answers, we will see if we can guess your relationship status!

Which shoes would you rather have more of?

Which fabric would you rather have more pieces in?

Would you want velvet in your wardrobe?

How do you prefer to wear denim?

Will anything bedazzled be in your wardrobe?

If you find a piece that you like, will you buy it in multiple colors?

Which accessory will be most prevalent in your wardrobe?

Which color palette would be strongest in your ideal wardrobe?

Which kind of jacket would you rather have?

How do you like your jeans?

What color boots would you rather have?

What kind of necklace would you pick for your wardrobe?

Which type of hat do you favor?

What kind of neckline do you like on shirts best?

Which on-trend item would you most like to have in your wardrobe?

What would the socks in your dream wardrobe be like?

Would there be any faux fur in your dream wardrobe?

Which print do you prefer?

Which fabric would you like better for a shirt?

Would you want any neon colors in your wardrobe?

Are revealing pieces in or out?

How long do you like your coats?

Which color would you rather have a winter coat in?

Do you wear white?

What kind of jewelry will appear most in your wardrobe?

Which types of shirts do you wear most often?

Do you want any distressed clothing in your wardrobe?

How do you like your T-shirts?

What kind of clothing would you most want in your ideal wardrobe?

Which of these colors are you most attracted to in clothing?

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