Design a House and We'll Guess Your Favorite Musical!

Kennita Leon

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About This Quiz

Your home can say a lot about you, believe it or not. So we want you to dream up the house you've always wanted and in return, we'll guess your favorite musical.

First thing's first, how big is your house?

What style house are you going with?

How many floors or levels will the house have?

How many bedrooms will you have?

How many bathrooms does your dream home have?

What paint colors are going on the outside?

What kind of plants are you going to landscape with?

What type of stone are you putting in your driveway?

If you had to choose one water feature to put in your backyard, which would it be?

What outdoor feature will you install to take your guests' breath away?

What interior furniture pieces are you putting in your foyer?

Beyond the foyer, what's the first room you see?

What kind of couch is going in your living room?

How big will your TV be?

When it comes to the kitchen countertops, what are you going with?

What will you use on your cabinets?

How important is a dining room?

How many chairs will be at your table?

Onto the master suite. What size bed are you going with?

What feature will make your bedroom absolutely magical?

You decide you want a feature wall. What are you doing with it?

When it comes to your master bath, are you going with a bathtub or a shower?

Let's just say you have an itty bitty gym. What piece of equipment would you buy for it?

What special room would you want to have?

How many people are you building your house for?

Will you be keeping kids in mind as you build?

Who is helping you with all your plans and designs?

Will you be doing any of the manual work yourself?

How long will it take to complete your house?

How much do you think this house is going to cost you to build?

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