Describe Your Cooking Skills and We'll Tell You What You Should Make This Thanksgiving!

Mark Lichtenstein

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Holidays call for special meals, and special meals call for special skills. Buying candy for Halloween is one thing, but mastering pot roast is another skill set entirely. Let's see what you are prepared to cook this Thanksgiving.

Are you good at keeping an eye on the clock?

Are you fastidious about preparation?

Do you clean as you cook?

Can you keep track of several dishes at once?

How good are you with seasonings?

Do you know how to roast potatoes so they end up crispy on the outside?

When you roast spuds, what prep do you do before putting them into hot oil in the oven?

How are you with desserts?

Are you team cake or team pie?

Have you ever wanted to roast something other than chicken?

Are you an eccentric cook?

Are you good at managing flavor combinations?

Do you know how to carve a bird?

Do you know how to carve a roast that isn't a bird?

Are you good at turning pedestrian ingredients into something tasty?

Are you good at cooking fancy foods?

Do you prefer sweet or savory food?

How are you at cooking with butter?

Do you know how to season without over-seasoning?

Do you lose track of time when cooking?

Can you cook red meat without ruining it?

Can you convince your diners to eat something strange?

How are your skills with a food processor?

Can you make food look pretty?

Do you like to surprise your guests?

Do you have any vegetarians coming?

Do you believe Thanksgiving is actually kind of silly?

Are any relatives coming who frankly do not deserve a delicious turkey?

If you were planning to cook meat but couldn't be sure it was free range, what would you do?

How far in advance of cooking the turkey do you defrost that bad boy?

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