Describe the Perfect Proposal and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status

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A heckin' long time ago, folks used to go on three dates then get engaged one Sunday after church, without much muss or fuss. They cared about marriage but thought it was extra to act like getting engaged was a BFD. But as time went on, it became more normal for couples to have a long courtship process.Β 

According to the American Gem Society, the first diamond engagement ring was invented by Archduke Maximillian of Austria in 1477. After he gave it to his girl, royals all over Europe wanted in on the trend, and by the Victorian Era, even people without much money were wildin' out about engagement rings. Today, it's normal for proposals to be complex AF, involving rings that cost as much as a year's salary, hundred-person flash mobs, hot-air-balloon rides and more.

So, what does your perfect proposal look like? Do you want a big, bougie engagement dinner, or would you be fine with a low-key proposal at home? Should your ring have so much ice it gives you chills, or would you rather have bae save those dollars for a down payment? Tell us what the greatest proposal of all time would look like, and we'll tell you whether you're cuffed or single AF!


At what age do you want to be married?

How long would you need to be with someone before you felt ready for a proposal?πŸ’

If your partner was dragging their feet about asking you to marry them, would you be willing to propose yourself?

Should your partner ask your parents' permission before proposing?

Would you like it if you were proposed to on a #blessed day, such as Christmas or your birthday?

In a perfect world, would your proposal to feel very planned or very spontaneous?

How much should your partner spend on the ring?

When do you want to be proposed to?

How would you want to be dressed?

What's the perfect proposal setting?

How would you want your partner to be dressed?

If you knew in advance that your partner was planning to propose, what kind of manicure would you get?

To make you feel romantic, what kind of flowers should your partner bring you?

At your proposal dinner, what would you want to have on the menu? πŸ—

If your partner included a crazy flash mob in your proposal, how would you feel?

What kind of jewel(s) do you want your engagement ring to feature?

Do you want your partner to include your family in the proposal, or no?

To set the scene, what kind of music should be playing in the background? 🎢

Would you want to go out dancing before or after you were proposed to?

If your partner hid the ring inside your dessert, would you love it or hate it?🍨

Would you prefer an heirloom engagement ring, an antique engagement ring or a new engagement ring?

Ideally, would your partner make a speech during the proposal?

How would you feel if your partner cried while proposing?

If other people witnessed the proposal, would it make you more likely to say yes?

Let's say your partner attached the ring to your dog or cat. πŸ• Would this touch your heart or just make you nervous?

If your partner wanted to make a video of the proposal, would you say yes? πŸŽ₯

Here's an important one: Should the person proposing get down on one knee?

Would you insist on your engagement ring featuring conflict-free diamonds, or would just about any diamonds do?

After you said yes, how long would you guys wait to take a "She/He/They said yes" selfie?

What would you do AFTER the proposal?

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