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Think you have what it takes to protect yourself from death eaters and dementors? Take this quiz find out if a career as an Auror is in your future.

Who was Harry's first Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher when he arrived at Hogwarts?

During his first year at the school, Harry took lessons from Professor Quirrell, who had trouble teaching due to the small distraction of Lord Voldemort living on the back of his head.


Which of these is a small biting fairy?

The students learned about doxies — biting fairies — during some of their earliest Defense Against the Dark Arts lessons.


What comes out of your wand when you use the Verdimillious spell?

Verdimillious sends green sparks shooting out of the wand and is useful for dueling.


What does the Periculum spell do?

Periculum sends a shower of red sparks, which can serve as a powerful signal flare for a wizard in trouble.


Who served as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher during Harry's second year at the school?

Harry and his classmates were subject to the egotistical exaggerator Gilderoy Lockhart during their second year at Hogwarts.


True or false: The Homorphus charm can cure a werewolf.

While Lockhart claimed to once cure a werewolf using this charm, there is no known spell to permanently cure a werewolf of its curse.


What is another name for Petrificus Totalus?

Petrificus Totalus renders a victim completely paralyzed, resulting in a full body bind.


What fruit will your head end up in if the Melofors jinx is performed on you?

The Melofors jinx encases the victim's head in a pumpkin temporarily and is a popular prank at Hogwarts.


Who took on the role of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in Harry's third year at Hogwarts?

Harry's third DADA teacher was none other than Remus Lupin, a werewolf and a former best friend of Harry's father.


True or false: Every boggart looks different.

A boggart takes the shape of the viewer's worst fear, which means that this creature looks different for everyone.


What's the best spell to use against a boggart?

The Riddikulus spell transforms a boggart into something funny, making it easy to laugh the creature away.


What form does Harry's Patronus take?

Harry uses the powerful Patronus spell to conjure up his signature stag and take on dementors.


Who taught Defense Against the Dark Arts during Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts?

In Harry's fourth year, the DADA teaching position was filled by none other than Barty Crouch, who was posing as the legendary Auror Alastor Moody.


What creature does Harry first witness the Cruciatus curse performed upon?

In DADA class, Harry watches a spider writhe in pain after Moody performs the Cruciatus curse upon the creature.


What does the Imperius curse give to the person who casts it?

The Imperius curse gives a wizard complete control over another person, from the victim's thoughts to his actions.


Who is the only person to ever survive the killing curse?

Only the sacrifice of love, like Harry's parents dying for him, can save someone from Avada Kedavra.


How many unforgiveable curses are there in the wizarding world?

Performing one of the three unforgiveable curses — Crucio, Imperio or Avada Kedavra — is enough for a life sentence in Azkaban.


Who taught DADA at Hogwarts during Harry's fifth year?

Dolores Umbridge took on the role of professor and taught a very tame ministry-approved curriculum.


What does the Diminuendo spell do?

Diminuendo shrinks an object or person, which can help a wizard escape an attack.


Who finally took on the Defense Against the Dark Arts teaching position during Harry's sixth year at the school?

In Harry's sixth year, Snape was finally given the DADA teaching job, a position he had long coveted.


What are inferi?

Inferi are the terrifying reanimated corpses of the dead. They fear heat and can be defeated using the Firestorm curse.


True or false: Levicorpus raises a victim up so his body lies parallel to the floor.

The spell causes a victim to rise upside-down, as if he is suspended by his ankle with his head pointed to the ground.


What school year was Dumbledore's Army formed?

Harry and his friends formed Dumbledore's Army during his fifth year to learn practical defense skills.


True or false: Impedimenta permanently freezes a victim in his place.

Impedimenta freezes a person or object for just a few seconds, giving a victim time to escape.


Which of these spells splits an object into many pieces?

The Reductor spell smashes an object into lots of pieces.


True or false: Only the best Defense Against the Dark Arts students can take the class in years six and seven.

DADA classes are mandatory in years one through five, but you must score high on your O.W.L. to take the class in later years.


True or false: Professor Carrow, year seven DADA teacher, was actually a death eater.

As the wizarding world waged war, death eaters infiltrated Hogwarts, and the evil Amycus Carrow took over as the DADA teacher.


What curse did Professor Carrow perform on Hogwarts students who earned detention?

In book seven, Neville reveals that Professor Carrow forced the students to perform the unforgiveable Cruciatus curse on students in detention.


Which of these spells disarms a wizard?

Expelliarmus is a simple yet effective DADA skill for disarming an opponent.


Who cursed the Defense Against the Dark Arts position at Hogwarts so that no teacher could hold it for more than one year?

After Tom Riddle — later Lord Voldemort — was twice denied the DADA teaching position, he put a curse on the job so that no teacher would last more than a year.


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