Quiz: Test Your Knowledge: The Deer Hunter Quiz
Test Your Knowledge: The Deer Hunter Quiz
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It was an agonizing artistic statement about a war that every American wanted to forget. How much do you know about 'The Deer Hunter?'

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When did the film debut on network television?
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Who directed the movie?
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How long did it take to mix sound for the film?
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In what year was the film released?
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About how much was Christopher Walken paid for his role in the film?
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Why didn't studio executives like the movie when they first saw it?
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How many deer were killed for the deer hunting scene?
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In what state does the story take place?
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Altogether, in how many different states was the movie filmed?
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What species of deer was used during filming?
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How many times did John Savage and Robert De Niro jump into the river for the shooting of one famous scene?
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Other than the United States, in which country was the movie filmed?
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How long did it take the crew to film the movie?
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Why did CBS renege on its agreement to televise the movie on the network?
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Which actor died during the making of the film?
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Who paid for Cazale's health insurance during filming?
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Who was the original choice to play the character named Mike Vronsky?
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What year was the movie's soundtrack released on CD?
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For how many Academy Awards was the movie nominated?
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For which Academy Award was the film NOT nominated?
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Why did executives premiere the movie in New York and L.A. before the rest of the country?
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With which actor was Meryl Streep involved with during filming?
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How long was the very first version of the film?
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Which actor won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar?
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What was the approximate final budget for the film?
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How much did the film make at the box office?
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Why was a live bullet in the gun during the scenes featuring Russian roulette?
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How many people are said to have died copying the Russian roulette scene in real life?
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