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You can add a dramatic dimension to your home by creating lovely, handcrafted stencils on some of your favorite decorative items. Frames and flower pots assume an artistic aura when you apply a sophisticated stenciled design. Take the quiz and find out how you can use stenciling to turn a personal favorite into a popular conversation piece.

Which of the following is not considered a decorative item?

Objects around the home such as frames, pots and blank canvases are ideal items on which to stencil. You can also stencil on a wall, but it is not a decorative item per se.


For the Seed-Packet Pot, what do you use as a template for the seed packet?

You cut a 4x3-inch rectangle out of heavyweight paper, which serves as the template for the seed packet on which to paint the stencil.


On the clay pot, in what position should you place the template?

Center the paper rectangle in an upright, vertical position on the pot.


For the Seed-Packet Pot, what kind of tape do you use on the clay pot?

For all the steps of process that require taping, use low-adhesive tape so the clay will not peel off when you remove the tape.


What color should you use as a base coat for the rectangle you have outlined on the pot?

Base-coat the rectangle white, using a one-inch stencil brush. Let it dry, and apply another coat.


On the Seed-Packet Pots, what the color is used for the name of each vegetable?

For each vegetable, fill in the lettering of the stencil with Raw Umber.


For the Seed-Packet Pot, where do the border flowers go?

The floral border stencil is centered on the rim of the pot.


For the Wilderness Painting, what is the recommended size of the picture?

It is preferable make the picture the size of a standard frame size, such as 4x6, 8x10, or 11x14 inches. But if it’s bigger or smaller, you can always have a frame made to order.


To stencil the Wilderness Painting, what kind of surface is recommended?

Artist's canvas is an ideal surface on which to paint your stencil.


In what order should you stencil the animals in the Wilderness Painting?

As opposed to Noah’s Ark, where the animals went in two by two, stencil the animals in this painting one at a time.


In the Wilderness Painting, what size stencil brush should you use for the larger animals?

Use ½-inch stencil brushes for the larger shapes, and ¼-inch stencil brushes for the smaller ones.


In what kind of quantity should you apply the paint in the Wilderness Painting?

Apply the paint sparingly. You can always go back to an image and add more if necessary.


In the Wilderness Painting, what can you do to give the picture a more professional look?

To achieve a more realistic-looking painting, subtly blend the darker paint over a lighter color when you mix shades.


In the Wilderness Painting, how can you create a rounded or shadow effect?

To attain a naturally rounded or shadowed effect, use a darker color to shade the outer edges of the stencils.


For the Dreamland Picture Frame, what kind of brush should you use to apply the sealer before painting?

To prepare the frame, sand and tack it, and then apply a thick, even coat of all-purpose sealer with a foam brush.


What color should you paint the whole Dreamland Picture Frame itself?

Paint the frame and all its edges Blue Mist, using a flat paintbrush.


What kind of border is used on the Dreamland Picture Frame?

There is a striped border on the frame, which is painted white and green.


In the Dreamland Picture Frame, what image is stenciled all over the frame?

To give the frame a dreamy effect, stencil clouds all over the frame.


In the Dreamland Picture Frame, how can you make it look as if one cloud is in front of another?

To make a clouds appear to be in front of another, cover a stenciled cloud with its dropout, and then stencil the cloud behind it. This protects the previously stenciled cloud and gives you an edge to shade against.


What should you use to seal the completed Dreamland Picture Frame?

Apply two or three coats of satin-finish varnish to seal the frame, letting it dry between coats.


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