Quiz: Deadly Weapons of the American Revolution
Deadly Weapons of the American Revolution
By: Nathan Chandler
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The American Revolution pitted colonists versus British soldiers and loyalists. How much do you know about the weapons used in these history-altering battles?

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Which country supplied the Americans with many weapons during the war?
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Which weapon used in the war had its origins with Native American tribes?
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Why were siege guns rarely moved during combat?
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Grapeshot was best for attacking what kind of target?
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Musket cartridges were made from what material?
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Which type of artillery piece fired projectiles at the highest trajectory?
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Bayonets were considered one of the war's primary weapons.
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What kind of gun technology was most common during the war?
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What kind of weapon was the Brown Bess?
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What was the approximate accurate range of a smoothbore musket?
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British flintlock guns worked better in wet weather than those used by the Americans.
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Why did rifles and muskets become increasingly hard to load during battle?
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What is a Quaker gun?
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Given the complexity of the reloading procedure, at what rate were trained soldiers expected to fire their muzzleloading flintlock muskets during battle?
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During the Revolutionary War, cannonballs and bombs referred to the same thing.
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Bayonets were effective even in the hands of inexperienced troops.
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Bayonets were responsible for roughly what percentage of battlefield casualties?
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So-called hot shot was used against which kind of target?
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What was the caliber of Charleville muskets?
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Why did musket balls often veer off course when they emerged from the end of the gun barrel?
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Muskets of the American Revolution typically had fairly accurate sights.
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Of the following, what cannon shot weight was most common during the war?
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A spontoon was what kind of weapon?
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Revolutionary War rifles took longer to load than muskets.
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Chain shot was frequently used against which target?
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The strongest artillery guns were made of which type of metal?
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Why did George Washington want troops armed with muskets instead of rifles, which were more accurate and had longer range?
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A hanger was what type of weapon?
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Why didn't the British arm their soldiers with more of the accurate Ferguson rifle?
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