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Whether by bullets, bombs, starvation or disease, wars kill humans by the scores. How much do you know about the deadliest wars in history?

Which of the following conflicts had the highest number of casualties?

The Three Kingdoms War (in China) dragged on for more than half a century and killed perhaps 40 million.


In what year did the Chinese Civil War end?

It started in 1927 and didn't fizzle out until 1950, when the Communists finally took control. More than 6 million people likely lost their lives.


After starting in the year 755, how long did the An Lushan Rebellion last?

This seven-year rebellion in China has an uncertain death toll, but it's likely that more than 10 million people died due to war and social disruptions.


Which of the following conflicts had the highest death toll?

World War II was the deadliest conflict of the 20th century and one of the worst in the history of the civilized world.


How many combat deaths were there in World War II?

In addition to 15 million battle deaths, about 45 million civilians died during World War II.


How many soldiers were wounded in combat during World War II?

With at least 25 million wounded, World War II was easily one of the most destructive wars in human history.


What are the conservative estimates of death tolls from the Taiping Rebellion, which began in 1850?

Twenty million is a common number, but some sources say that there very well may have been 50 million dead.


Combined with natural disasters, what are the more liberal estimates of death tolls during the Taiping Rebellion?

Most historians say 200 million dead is vastly inflated, as it would have accounted for roughly half of China's contemporary population.


Thirteeth- and 14th-century Mongol conquests may have wiped out what percentage of the world's population?

In Iran alone, the Mongols might have killed three-quarter's of the country's population; across the world they might have killed 10% or so.


The Second Sino-Japanese War was part of which conflict?

As part of World War II, this conflict raged for eight years and may have killed more than 27 million people.


Which dynasty established itself over the Ming in the late 17th century?

The Qing slowly established rule in this decades-long conflict that may have killed around 25 million.


The Black Death, which killed tens of millions of people in the 14th century, may have been jumpstarted by which conflict?

The Mongols may have dragged the bubonic plague along during their conquests, setting fire to a disease that killed as many as 200 million people by the end of the 14th century.


In what decade did American deaths in foreign wars finally overtake the total number of deaths in the Civil War?

It took until the Vietnam War era for the American death toll in foreign wars to top 620,000, the approximate toll from the Civil War.


How many U.S. soldiers were killed in the course of World War II?

With fewer than half a million dead, the U.S. got off relatively lightly compared to many other countries.


How many Soviet soldiers were killed during World War II?

With lower estimates at nearly 9 million dead, the Soviets suffered staggering losses that affect the country's demographics even today.


With civilian deaths added, what was the total Soviet death toll in World War II?

At nearly 25 million dead -- from just one country -- the statistics of World War II casualties are so overwhelming that they blur into abstraction.


In which country did the Biafra War take place?

The three-year war ended in 1970, but only after it had taken more than 2 million lives, mostly civilians.


What year did the Russian Civil War begin?

Political factions clashed starting in 1917 and the war lasted until 1922, taking as many as 12 million lives.


Including civilians, about how many total deaths did the Chinese suffer during World War II?

Twenty million might be conservative; some estimates place civilian deaths alone at nearly 50 million.


Which country did NOT join anti-communist forces against North Vietnam and its allies during the Vietnam War?

Sweden actually supported the communists; altogether more than 1 million people died during the two-decade fight.


How many soldiers died at the Third Battle of Nanking, which was just one of many battles during the Taiping Rebellion?

The three-day battle saw hundreds of thousands of casualties, including at least 100,000 killed in action.


Including both sides, how many soldiers went missing during World War II?

Presumed dead, these 6 million missing men simply vanished from history due to one of humankind's worst conflicts.


Including civilian deaths, how many people died as a result of World War I?

The 17 million or so deaths does not include an even greater number of wounded.


During the 13th century, how many people may have died during the Mongol conquests of Asia and Eastern Europe?

The Mongols had a reputation of slaughtering towns that refused to submit to their rule, resulting in maybe 40 million dead.


Who started the Iran-Iraq War in 1980?

Iraq invaded Iran, thus sparking an eight-year conflict that killed 1 million people.


How long did the Napoleonic Wars last?

Napoleon stomped around Europe causing havoc for more than a decade, costing the lives of perhaps 8 million people.


How many coalition forces were required to finally break Napoleon's grip on Europe?

Napoleon crushed the first five, as millions of people suffered under years of war in the early 19th century.


How many civilians died during the Soviet-Afghan War?

This decade-long slog finally ended in a Soviet withdrawal, but not before claiming the lives of around 1 million civilians.


What year did the African World War begin?

Often called the Second Congo War, it didn't end until 2003 and took more than 5 million lives, mostly civilians suffering from the collateral damage of the conflict.


How many military deaths were there on the North Vietnamese side during the Vietnam War?

The North Vietnamese side had about 450,000 military deaths, double that of the South's allies.


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