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De-cluttering your home is probably the best decision you'll ever make regarding your attitude to your own home and your place in it. With a healthy dose of positivity and a lot of motivation, you'll be amazed at the quick results and their effect on your entire family. But before you take the plunge, take this quiz.

According to a 2008 survey, 70% of respondents felt that being more organized would:

Being more organized, they felt, would improve their lives.


Why do some people hold on to their possessions until it reaches the stage of excess clutter?

Some people have a fear of throwing things away because, they think that one day they'll need them.


The length of time needed to perform the de-cluttering process is comparable to:

Just like it takes time to go on a diet and lose 20 pounds (i.e. it cannot be rushed) so too it takes time to de-clutter.


For some people, de-cluttering is best achieved:

They like doing it room by room, instead of flitting from one room to another, never quite completing either one.


How bad is clutter?

Just like indulging once in a while in a cream cake, it's okay to have some clutter. But what is unhealthy (in both cases) is where it becomes a lifestyle.


Where is the best place to keep things?

The place where they're used and needed is where you should keep them.


What should you keep most accessible?

Whatever you use the most should be most accessible.


While some food and medicines have expiration dates, other things don't. How can you handle this?

Simply set your own dates. Any weekly, for example, that has been sitting around your coffee table for a month might need to be tossed.


How can unused cabinet space help with your de-cluttering?

If the unused space is on doors or under shelves, you can put up hooks, racks or pegs to hold more stuff, neatly and compactly.


Which of these ideas will help organize drawers?

For drawers, you could use zippered pouches, small boxes or even freezer bags to help compartmentalize the contents.


One method of de-cluttering stacks of paper is to use files. Are there other options?

You can scan the papers to create digital files. The papers you still want to keep should be stored in a less-accessible location, such as an attic.


_____ takes less time than hunting for it later.

The principle is that it takes less time to put something in its place than it does to search for it frantically when you need it.


You can teach your kids to be organized by having them _____ whenever they get a new toy.

They should discard one toy whenever they get a new one. Toy in, toy out…


What is meant by "repurposing"?

Repurposing means finding new uses for old items, in order to give them a new purpose in your home.


How can organizing your home save you money?

By organizing and tidying up, you won't need to have to replace items when you've misplaced them, because you won't misplace them!


How many trees are lost each year to facilitate junk mail?

About 100 million trees are chopped down every year in order to supply junk mail to people's homes.


Taking control of the organization of your home is likely to fill you with:

It may neither disgust you nor fill you with great pleasure. Nevertheless, de-cluttering is likely to fill you with personal pride and satisfaction.


What is the best method for cleaning a room?

Ideally, you should work from the top down. This means dusting first, then sweeping.


What is the effect of rotating household tasks?

Rotating tasks is a positive step towards enlisting your family members for help. This way, no one can complain of being burdened with an unpleasant one.


Which of these are beneficial in approaching the issue of de-cluttering?

Both efficiency and a positive attitude will serve you well in the area of de-cluttering. The alternative, being sluggish and despondent, will be counterproductive.


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