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A daylighting device may offer you a great alternative to a traditional skylight. Daylighting devices can put sunlight into places that you could never dream of brightening with a standard skylight. Take our quiz now and see how you rate among daylighting device experts.

What is the basis for our attraction to bringing more sun into homes and offices?

Bringing more sunlight into a home or office reduces the need for artificial lighting and results in energy savings. Sunlight also reduces maintenance cost, because bulbs will require replacement less often.


What incentive does a business or education facility have to pay extra for installation of devices to admit more sun?

Sunlight has been proven to help keep employees and students happy and motivated. Happy and motivated employees and students have better attendance and achievement records.


What is a significant shortcoming of regular windows and skylights?

Windows and skylights are stationary but the sun is always moving in relation to earth. Depending on the season and time of day, the amount of sun from windows and skylights varies dramatically.


What is a daylighting device?

A daylighting device is an object designed to collect, transmit and emit daylight into a building. Daylighting can even bring sun and daylight into a room without any windows.


What is a major difference between a skylight and a daylighting device?

Directing sunlight with a daylighting device is more flexible than with a traditional skylight. Sunlight collection does not have to take place directly above the target room.


What option is unique to a daylighting device versus a traditional skylight?

The collector of a daylighting device can be positioned in a spot on a roof that receives sun all day long. With skylights, exposure to sun is limited to only part of a day by its position in the roof.


With the possibility of intense sunlight from a daylighting device for all of the daytime hours, how do you control the amount of sunlight in a room?

Daylighting devices have an optional electric butterfly dimmer that is controlled by a wall switch just like a regular dimmer. The dimmer device can completely shut out all of the light entering via the daylighting device.


How many basic parts are there to a standard daylighting device?

There are three basic parts to a standard daylighting device: a light collector device on the roof, a light transmitter device and a light emitter device on the ceiling.


How does a daylighting device manage to bring the light from the roof into any room?

A daylighting device moves light from a roof to a target room using a system of lenses and mirrors. The surfaces inside of the transmission tube are highly polished and highly reflective.


What would you see on the roof of a home where a daylighting device is installed?

You would see a small glass dome or glass pyramid sitting on top of a metal tube protruding slightly from the roof. The dome and lens assembly can optionally be extended higher to achieve maximum sun exposure.


Once the sun has passed through the lenses, how is it conveyed to the emitter located in a room?

Sunlight is conveyed from the collector to the emitter using highly polished metal tubing. Tubing options allow a 1-degree up to a 90-degree bend using a special extension tube.


What is an issue with sunlight transmission that affects the maximum efficiency of a daylighting device?

Since light transmission depends on the reflections within the transmission tubing, it loses some intensity as it bounces along. The longer the transmission section, the lower the light intensity will be when it reaches the emitter.


What is the maximum distance that the manufacturer recommends from collector to emitter for a daylighting device?

According to Solatube the manufacturer of Spectralight, the maximum recommended length of a daylighting installation from collector to emitter is 30 feet.


What is a common feature incorporated in the emitter of a daylighting device?

Consumers usually choose emitters with built in diffusers to spread light around the room. Without a diffuser, light is emitted similar to a spot light or floodlight rather than like a normal lighting fixture.


What is a reason that sun entering a home via a daylighting device can help people feel happier and healthier?

Exposure to sunlight has been proven to increase production of vitamin D. Sun is also noted for increasing levels of serotonin a natural hormone that contributes to a feeling of well-being.


What is the name of a common disorder that affects people living in the northern hemisphere in the winter?

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), often referred to as the wintertime blues, affects many people that live in the northern hemisphere. Sunlight from daylighting devices can help relieve symptoms of this affliction.


Is the installation of a daylighting device a do-it-yourself kind of project?

Installing a daylighting device is best left for a professional installer. Manufacturers say a do-it-yourselfer can perform an installation, but a person must go on a roof and will require the proper equipment.


What is the unit of measure used to rate the amount of heat from sunlight that a daylighting device will block?

The solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) is a measure of the capability of a device to block heat from sunlight. The climate in your area will determine what number you should choose for a skylights SHGC, the lower the SHGC the more heat from the sun will be blocked.


Is it possible for people that live in warm climates to suffer from SAD?

Spending too much time away from the sun can trigger SAD symptoms. SAD can affect anyone living and working indoors all of the time, even in the summer.


Daylighting devices are suitable only as:

Daylighting devices are suitable as supplemental lighting only as their lighting intensity varies through the daylight only hours. Most manufacturers produce lighting kits that fit inside a daylighting device to provide extra lighting at night and during low light periods.


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