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Did you spend your teen years obsessing over the love triangle between Dawson, Pacey, and Joey? Remember which character got hot and heavy with a teacher? And do you know what Dawson's secret passion is -- other than the girl next door? If you know the answers to these questions, you might have what it takes to ace our "Dawson's Creek" quiz!

The mid-90s was the start of a teen-centric media craze that dominated film and television. At the movies, teens turned up to see classics like "Clueless," "She's All That," "American Pie," and "Can't Hardly Wait." On the small screen, "My So-Called Life," "Party of Five," "Buffy," and "90210" dominated the ratings. 

It was during this teen pop culture era that "Dawson's Creek" premiered on The WB in 1998. Set in the small coastal community of Capeside, the show had all the drama and angst that teens were looking for; mature discussions of sex, alcoholism and drug use, homosexuality, and the scandalous revelation that Dawson's parents were enjoying an open marriage. The show is also remembered for presenting the first prime-time male-on-male kiss ever seen on television in a 2000 episode titled "True Love."

Think you can answer any question we throw at you about this classic series? Put on Paula Cole's "I Don't Want to Wait" for background noise and take our "Dawson's Creek" quiz!

When did "Dawson's Creek" premiere?

The first episode aired on Jan. 20, 1998.


How long was the show on the air?

"Dawson's Creek" made it 5 1/2 seasons. The finale aired on May 14, 2003.


Who sang the theme song to "Dawson's Creek"?

Paula Cole performed "I Don't Wanna Wait."


Where did "Dawson's Creek" take place?

Capeside, Massachusetts, was a fictional town in Cape Cod.


Where was it filmed?

"Dawson's Creek" was filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina.


Give the last name of the "Dawson's Creek" character: Dawson.

His full name is Dawson Wade Leery.


Give the last name of the "Dawson's Creek" character: Joey.

Her full name is Josephine Lillian Potter.


Give the last name of the "Dawson's Creek" character: Pacey.

His full name is Pacey J. Witter.


Give the last name of the "Dawson's Creek" character: Jen.

Her full name is Jennifer Lindley.


Give the last name of the "Dawson's Creek" characters: Jack and Andie.

Their last name is McPhee.


What's the name of the restaurant where Joey works?

The Potter family owned The Ice House, but Joey's dad burns it down.


What does Dawson's mom do?

Gail Leery is an anchorwoman for the Capeside TV station.


What is Dawson's dream job?

Dawson's idol is Steven Spielberg.


What does Jen call her grandmother?

Jen (and sometimes Jack) lives with Helen "Grams" Lindley.


How does school villain Abby Morgan die?

Jen and Abby crash a wedding reception and get drunk. Abby falls off a dock and drowns.


Why does Andie leave Capeside?

Andie, having been treated for her mental condition, decides to spend senior year with her aunt in Italy.


"Dawson's Creek" made history by being the first prime-time network show to do this.

The first "passionate" male gay kiss on prime time was between Jack and Ethan.


What's the name of Pacey's boat?

Pacey named his boat the "True Love" and invited Joey to sail away with him.


What does Pacey write on the wall he rents for Joey?

Pacey's heading off on the "True Love" and wants Joey to ask him to stay. Instead, she goes with him.


What kind of business does Joey open with her sister?

Bessie and Joey honor their late mother's dream by opening a bed-and-breakfast.


Joey loses her virginity to …

Joey and Pacey finally do it on a ski trip in season four.


Dawson loses his virginity to …

Jen and Dawson have sex in season five while they're at a film festival.


Where does Dawson go to college?

Dawson goes to film school at USC, but he drops out and moves back to Massachusetts.


Joey's college friend Audrey is played by Busy Philipps, who also starred in this high school show.

Philipps played Kim Kelly on cult classic "Freaks and Geeks."


Which character dies while the kids are in college?

Mitch Leery dies in a car accident while reaching down for a dropped ice cream cone.


How far does the show fast-forward for the final episode?

The action jumps five years into the future for the finale.


Does Joey end up with Dawson or Pacey?

Joey tells Dawson that he's her soulmate but that she wants to spend her life with Pacey.


Which main character dies in the series finale?

Jen, who has already dealt with breast cancer, succumbs to a heart condition.


Who gets custody of Jen's young daughter?

Jen leaves Amy to Jack and his partner.


With whom does Jack end up?

Jack's life partner is "Deputy Doug," Pacey's brother.


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