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He's the kind of director that loves to (almost literally) get under the skin of his audiences. How much do you know about Hollywood bigwig David Cronenberg?

Cronenberg is best known for directing which genre of films?

He is famous for his long list of horror films, especially films that explore terrifying things happening to the human body.


Where was Cronenberg born?

Cronenberg is a native Canadian. He was born in Toronto in 1943.


Which film did Cronenberg say was the most exasperating to direct?

The amount of time slated for pre-production was so limited that the crew often scrambled to complete scenes. In some cases they'd just drive around looking for locations.


What is NOT one of Cronenberg's nicknames?

He's not usually called the Master of Horror, but he has definitely been pegged as the Baron of Blood, or even more weirdly, the King of Venereal Horror.


Cronenberg graduated from the University of Toronto with what degree?

He had a fondness for science and started out pursuing botany. When he finally got his degree, it was in literature.


How did Cronenberg make Susan Petrie cry for her scenes in 1975's "Shiver"?

At Petrie's request, he slapped her -- on both sides of the face. Petrie even rubbed onions onto her own face in order to make her acting more believable.


The movie "The Fly" was based on a short story published in which year?

The 1957 novel of the same name was written by George Langelaan. It was filmed for the first time just a year later, and then again in Cronenberg's 1986 version.


True or False: Cronenberg likes to watch his own films.

He's said that he really dislikes watching his movies because he can't enjoy them as films -- he's only able to evaluate them from a work perspective.


True or False: Cronenberg loves actors but personally hates acting.

Cronenberg enjoys acting and has appeared in many of his own films, such as "The Fly" and "Videodrome."


Cronenberg frequently collaborates with which star actor?

Cronenberg gets along famously with Viggo Mortensen, who has appeared in numerous Cronenberg films, such as 2005's "A History of Violence."


What was the name of the film that Cronenberg released in 2012?

"Cosmopolis" was based on the novel by Don DeLillo. The novel (and movie) portray a dark side to capitalism.


True or False: Cronenberg often shoots scenes only once.

He's known for shooting scenes only one or two times. He says that as his experience has deepened, he feels as if shooting and reshooting is unnecessary.


Who did NOT star in Cronenberg's film "Maps to the Stars"?

Streep wasn't in this movie, but a plethora of other stars were, including Cusack, Moore, Robert Pattinson and Olivia Williams.


When did Cronenberg publish his first novel?

He'd been writing incessantly since childhood but didn't get around to publishing a novel ("Consumed") until 2014.


What is the subject of Cronenberg's novel "Consumed"?

Two journalists pursue sensational stories about scandal in the novel. Social media is another major theme in the book.


What was the first movie that Cronenberg filmed in the United States?

Decades after he'd started his film career, Cronenberg finally shot his first scenes in the U.S. for "Maps to the Stars." Shooting for this one started in 2013.


True or False: Cronenberg has never done recreational drugs.

He's never taken drugs and says he's only been drunk a handful of times in his life, in large part because his body doesn't tolerate substances very well.


For which film did he win Special Jury Prize at the 1996 Cannes Film Festival?

He won the jury prize for "Crash," a movie about people who get turned on by witnessing car accidents. This is a different flick from the Academy-award winning film of the same name starring Sandra Bullock.


How many Academy Awards has Cronenberg won for directing?

He has never won an Oscar and never even been nominated by name for any Academy Award.


According to Cronenberg, what is the first fact of human existence?

He feels that the human body is the one really true first fact of our existence. This belief is evident in his many explorations of infection and weird physical afflictions.


In what year did Cronenberg have his directorial debut?

His first film "Stereo" was unveiled in 1969. Cronenberg did almost all of the work on this one, from writing, to directing, to editing.


How did Cronenberg help to pay for 2002's "Spider"?

Because the project had such limited funds, he opted to give up his salary. The work paid off -- he received a Best Director award at the Canadian Genie Awards.


Which blockbuster movie did Cronenberg turn down the opportunity to direct?

He turned down "Top Gun" and also "Flashdance," both of which were huge hits in the 80s. He's said that he's glad he didn't direct them because he would have ruined them.


True or False: Cronenberg is terrified of insects.

Although he's turned bugs into some pretty terrifying creatures in his films, he actually loves the world of insects and has been fascinated with them since his childhood.


Where does Cronenberg often get the costumes for his films?

His sister, Denise, has masterminded many of the costumes, and many of her ideas have appeared in her brother's films.


Which movie did Cronenberg almost make instead of "The Fly"?

He actually started work on "Total Recall" but then switched to "The Fly" after the director of the latter film experienced a personal tragedy.


Why were the writers for "Total Recall" leery of Cronenberg's vision for the film?

Cronenberg wanted to do a faithful adaptation of the Philip K. Dick novel of the same name. The writers wanted to add their own spin to the story.


Which author has Cronenberg cited as a major influence?

He has said that William S. Burroughs, with his vivid writing and imagination, is one of his major influences.


With which philosophy or religion does Cronenberg identify?

He's tried, at one time or another, to find his way into various religions, but always thought they were too oppressive. He is an atheist.


For which of his movies would Cronenberg like to make a companion piece?

He has already written a companion piece of sorts for his masterpiece, "The Fly," and said that he would jump at the opportunity to direct.


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