Quiz: Fact or Fiction: Dating for Seniors
Fact or Fiction: Dating for Seniors
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As baby boomers of the fitness-crazed 1980s and art-conscious 1990s mature and lose spouses or settle down for the first time, options for dating are much more diverse, creative and widespread. How are the older and wiser fairing with 21st-century dating? Find out.

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With the success of "speed dating" for young people, marketers have designed "slow dating" for the senior demographic.
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Seniors are very slowly getting plugged in and logged on to the Internet and online social sites.
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A silver fox is desirable for his wit, as in a "sly fox."
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Safe sex and seniors is a taboo topic that's rarely talked about.
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There are only a handful of specific senior dating Web sites, and they're very strictly monitored and regulated.
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Snowbirds are senior married couples, not singles, who flock to warmer regions in winter months.
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Men outlive women so they have more opportunities for dating in later years.
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Senior singles groups are popular Sunday school options at churches.
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It's recommended that widows should wait at least six months after the death of a spouse before starting to date.
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Dating can be good for the aging brain.
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Older women who date younger men are nicknamed "cheetahs."
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A survey of seniors found that most like to date other singles who will share past bad experiences with them.
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Facebook is very popular with seniors who want to connect with old flames and high school friends.
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Eight times more widowers, or males who lose a spouse, remarry than female widows.
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A common date time for seniors may be between 3:00 and 5:30 p.m.
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By the age 85, women outnumber men two to one.
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The "For Dummies" series of books has a volume devoted to senior dating.
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Seniors Google and Tweet their way to dates.
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If you start dating as a senior, you might have 30 or more years of dates ahead.
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Holding hands can relieve stress and bring comfort.
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