Quiz: Dancing through the decades: The dance crazes quiz
Dancing through the decades: The dance crazes quiz
By: Bambi Turner
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Every new decade brings a new style of dance as people use their bodies in creative ways to interpret beat, lyrics and music. As quickly as a dance craze catches on, however, people are looking for the next new thing, leaving a once-hot style relegated to the history books. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the hottest dances to ever hit the dance floor!

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What dance was made popular via a song by The Diamonds?
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Who made the Twist a mega-hit?
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What dance started a long time ago, with a guy named Sloppy Joe?
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Which of these dances is a simpler evolution of the chicken dance?
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What dance was popularized by Major Lance in the early '60s?
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Which of these dances was featured in the original "Hairspray" movie, by John Waters?
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The Watusi is named after a group of people from Africa.
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What dance craze did Van McCoy make famous?
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What show was the YMCA dance first performed on?
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What famous dance came from the 1975 film, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show?"
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"Everybody's doing a brand new dance now," and this is it.
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What style of dance was inspired by the Parliament song, "Give Up the Funk?"
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What is the actual title of the Electric Slide song?
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What song did Michael Jackson debut his moonwalk to?
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It's 1986 and you're making side-by-side fists and swirling your arms parallel to the floor. Congratulations, you're doing....
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Forget the moonwalk -- Michael Jackson also inspired a Robot craze.
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What's the proper costume to wear when performing the "Thriller" dance?
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Who made the "Chinese Typewriter" dance famous?
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This Latin dance inspired two rival films, which were released on the same day in 1990.
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Who inspired dancers to Vogue in 1990?
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Which band had fans walking like Egyptians?
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What year was the English remix of "Macarena" released?
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Which country star crooned "Achy Breaky Heart?"
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"It ain't the butterfly, it's" this dance, according to a 1995 dance hit.
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What is another name for the Whip?
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In Spanish, this song is called "Asereje," but it's better known as this.
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Which part of the body does the most work in "Lean Back"?
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Which line dance warns dancers that "We're going to get funky"?
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What dance did Psy make popular?
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This smash dance craze kind of resembles covering a sneeze.
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