Quiz: Dances With Wolves Quiz
Dances With Wolves Quiz
By: Nathan Chander
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"Dances with Wolves" struck a nerve with audiences everywhere, bringing an epic Western tale to the big screen in dramatic fashion. How much do you know about this timeless Kevin Costner tale?

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"Dances with Wolves" was released in 1990. It is based on which work of art?
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Blake initially wrote the story as a typical screenplay but then changed it into a novel. Why?
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The story is set during which time period?
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You already know that Kevin Costner is the star of the film. Who directed?
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The book and movie were later criticized for what attribute?
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The story features a Civil War soldier who winds up on the Western frontier. Why isn't he instead fighting in the war?
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During his desperate last battle charge, what does Dunbar do?
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Much of the movie's script had to be translated into which Native American language?
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Dunbar winds up in a small Western fort all by himself. Why is he alone?
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In which state was the movie NOT filmed?
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Mary McDonnell plays Costner's love interest. What is her Indian name?
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Stands With A Fist is a Native American woman.
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Costner started filming even though he didn't have enough financial backing for the project. What was the budget?
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"Dances with Wolves" rocketed to the top of the box office.
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One of Costner's family members appears in the film. Who was it?
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The movie went millions of dollars over budget and some predicted it would end Costner's career. How much did it make at the box office?
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One famous scene required many live bison. How many bison were needed for the shot?
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"Dances with Wolves" is the No. 1 Western in history.
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A robotic bison was built for the movie. How much did it cost?
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In one scene, a bison charges straight at an Indian warrior. How did producers convince the bison to charge the camera?
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A famous rock star provided a tame bison for some of the film's scenes. Which star loaned his precious animal?
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Dunbar eventually befriends some local Indians. They call him what?
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The movie was a box office hit. It was also nominated for 12 Academy Awards.
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Of the film's 12 Oscar nominations, how many did it actually win?
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The movie features numerous action sequences. Costner did all of his own stunts.
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Dunbar makes friends with a cute wolf pup. What's the wolf's name?
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The film's score is famous. "The John Dunbar Theme" was adopted by which organization?
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Which of the following Oscars did the movie NOT win?
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Costner insisted on telling the full story. How long is the movie?
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Before he died, Michael Blake wrote a sequel to the story. The story may eventually make it to the screen in which format?
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