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Here's your chance to test what you know about cuticles; everything from what they actually are to why we have them and how you should be properly caring for them.

When the manicurist asks if you'd like your cuticles trimmed, what's your best answer?

Never clip or trim your cuticles (and never let your manicurist do so, either).


True or false: Cuticles are dead skin cells that have collected at the base of the nail.

False. Cuticles are not dead skin; they are part of the living structures of your nails.


Cuticles have a purpose. What is it?

Cuticles are a barrier against infection. They keep bacteria and fungus from causing nail infections.


Which of the following nutrients should you add to your diet for good nail health?

Boost your intake of all of these vitamins and minerals for healthy nails.


True or false: You don't need anything more than an everyday hand lotion to treat dry, damaged cuticles.

False. An everyday hand or body lotion just can't deliver the level of moisture cuticles need.


What ingredients should you look for in cuticle creams?

Any of these ingredients will help heal cuticles.


True or false: Cuticle oil is the only way to moisturize cuticles.

False. While cuticle oil will do the job there are other options for repairing damaged cuticles.


What types of oils will you commonly find in cuticle oils?

Cuticle oils are generally a mix of vegetable oils, flaxseed oil or citric acids.


How you should prep your cuticles before moisturizing?

The best way to get the biggest benefit from moisturizing cuticles is to soak them in warm water first.


Exfoliating will help maintain your healthy cuticles. Which two ingredients should you use in your own DIY at-home exfoliating scrub?

Make your own exfoliating scrub with oil and sugar. Massage into cuticles for about 30 seconds per finger, rinse, dry and apply cuticle cream or oil.


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