Quiz: Cruise Ship Horror Stories Quiz
Cruise Ship Horror Stories Quiz
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You think your trip will be filled with swimming pools, on-deck golf and exciting ports of call. Instead, you wind up on a cruise featuring fire, famine and disease. What are the worst cruise tragedies travelers have encountered? It’s scarier than your grandma singing karaoke on the Lido deck.

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Which virus makes up 90 percent of all gastrointestinal disorders that occur on cruise ships?
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What is the name of the program that requires cruise ships to report gastrointestinal illnesses?
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Which cruise ship wrecked on Friday the 13th?
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Which ship set sail with a 10-cm (3.9-inch) hole in its bulkhead?
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The HMHS Brittanic was the sister ship to which famous passenger ship?
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Aboard which ship was Leon Klinghoffer killed?
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Why is SOS considered to be the universal distress signal?
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How many bathtubs did the third-class area on the Titanic have?
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After the Titanic sank, some talked of raising the wreck by filling the hull with these items.
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Which safety initiative was put into place after the sinking of the Titanic?
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What year did the Italian ocean liner Andrea Doria sink after being hit by another ship?
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Which cruise line was guilty of not monitoring its surveillance cameras and not noticing when a drunk passenger fell overboard?
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What disease caused a trip to end early aboard the MS Black Watch in 2007?
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Which cruise ship was the home of “three days of Hell” during 2010?
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Which natural disaster sank MV Princess of the Stars?
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What weapon sunk the famous Carpathia in 1918?
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What’s an easy way to get yourself removed from a bad cruise?
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What unusual thing did a Silversea cruise ship hit?
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Which famous vessel landed its passengers in hot water after a 3-hour tour?
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