Quiz: The Contenders Quiz: Crocs
The Contenders Quiz: Crocs
By: Staff
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See if you can answer these true or false questions about the crocodilian species with ease. The more you know may help you determine the ultimate river champion in the Rumble in the River. At the end of this quiz, go on to test your hippo knowledge, too.

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Crocodiles can digest all the bones and shells they eat.
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A crocodile has a wide, flat snout.
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Crocodiles existed before dinosaurs.
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Male crocodiles usually grow faster than females.
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A crocodile's stomach is not much bigger than a human hand.
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Crocodiles chase their prey into submission.
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The crocodile's closest relative is the bird.
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Crocodiles cry real "crocodile tears."
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It's easy to hold a crocodile's jaws shut.
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Several crocodile species are in danger of becoming extinct in the wild.
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