Create a Playlist of Throwbacks and We'll Guess Which Decade You Really Belong In

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About This Quiz

Have you ever felt like you were out of step with the current times? Relax! It's a common problem with a simple solution. Once you figure out which decade you were really meant to live in, you'll be able to strategize and normalize your nostalgic self into today's modern age. Finding out is easy! All you have to do is build a playlist of the throwbacks that make you want to dance!

Music has changed a lot over the years. Recording techniques have become easier, and electronic instruments leave no sound explored. Still, when a song is a classic, it never goes out of style! The way you build your throwback playlist will give away a lot about your personality and your values. 

The artists and songs that you decide make their way onto your list represent musical history, and we know you won't take the task lightly. Answering with your very favorite tunes will tell us exactly which decade you have living within your soul!

Grab a pair of earbuds and listen to some music in the background as you quiz along! It will put you in the perfect frame of mind to build your ultimate throwback playlist! You'll never know your perfect decade if you don't try to find out!

Which musical performer do you consider the greatest?

Which Prince song would you add to a playlist?

Which classic rock band rocks the hardest?

Which Michael Jackson song would make it on your list?

Which ABBA song makes you want to dance most?

What Spice Girls song would you include?

Which power ballad would you add to your playlist?

Which '80s band would get more than one slot on your playlist?

Which grunge anthem do you like most?

Which of these 1950s bands might you add to your playlist?

Which hair metal song would you include?

Which decade would get the most time on your playlist?

Which love song would you want on your playlist?

Which dance song would you add for old time's sake?

Which kind of music do you like most of all?

Which metal band would make your playlist?

Which popular prom song would spice up your list?

Which Taylor Swift song might find a place on your playlist?

Which country artist would you think about including?

What hip hop song would you put on your playlist?

Which rock song do you like so much you might add it twice?

What kind of music might not make it on your playlist?

Would you add any songs by The Grateful Dead?

Would you add a Gwen Stefani song or a No Doubt song?

Would you add Journey or REO Speedwagon?

Which one-hit wonder would make the list?

Which punk band might get a little airtime on your playlist?

Which Johnny Cash song would you consider adding?

Which drinking song would you add?

Which '90s song do you enjoy most?

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