Quiz: Create a New Disney Princess and We'll Guess Your Favorite Disney Movie!
Create a New Disney Princess and We'll Guess Your Favorite Disney Movie!
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

With hundreds of fantastic Disney movies, it's hard to choose an absolute favorite!  By designing your own Disney princess like no one has ever seen, you'll provide us with just enough clues to make our best-educated guess which film is your favorite. We are Disney experts here, and we're confident we'll be able to figure out which movie you could watch again and again. 

When you create a brand new Disney princess, will she have any traits found in previous princesses, or will you give her a unique personality and original backstory? Your princess might be more feminine than Cinderella, but she might also have more skill and true grit than Mulan! From her style of dress to her special powers, you'll get to make a Disney princess everything you have always wanted one to be! Even the way you shape her personality will be entirely your choice. It's almost like you're a designer on a Disney set! 

Share your princesses likes, dislikes, and Disney-style sidekicks with us, and we'll be able to analyze your choices. Once we feel like we have a good feel for both you and your new princess, we will guess your favorite Disney film. Let's see how close we get!

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