Create a Hip-Hop Playlist and We'll Guess What Dog Breed You Own

Heather Cahill

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About This Quiz

Are you a fan of hip-hop and dogs? Then you won't want to miss this! Your taste in music can tell people a lot about you, like your thoughts, tastes, and personality. But this time, it will tell us all about your taste in dogs! Are you all about big dogs? Or are you a fan of the smaller pooches? Only your favorite hip-hop artists and songs will tell us which breed you own!

Playlists can tell your mood and feelings through the power of music. Is your playlist filled with tracks from Young Thug or Future? Then maybe you're a very happy-go-lucky person. If it's filled with more J. Cole or Nas, one might assume that you're more reserved or secretive. This can reveal a lot about what you think of dogs as well! Maybe you're more of a German Shepherd type of person or a Shih-Tzu might be the perfect pooch for you. Maybe you even have a playlist for your furry friend! Your dog is probably a hip-hop fan, too!

So, if you have doubts about our ability to figure out what dog breed you own based on your hip-hop music taste, then it's time to let us prove it. Tell us your favorite songs and artists to see if we're right!

Which 50 Cent song is definitely going on your playlist?

One of these classic songs is a must on your playlist. Which one might it be?

What artist is the best fit for your playlist?

You can only choose one of these songs by OutKast. Which one will it be?

To what Lil Wayne song would you jam?

Choosing just one Drake song might be hard! What song will you choose?

Which of these Snoop Dogg songs is a match for your playlist?

One of these classic artists has to make the cut. What one do you choose?

One of these hits is sure to make it on your list. Which one do you choose?

What Tupac classic is the right one for you?

Which Notorious B.I.G. song do you choose?

One of these songs from Wu Tang Clan has to make it on your list! Which one will it be?

What song is the perfect match for your list?

What artist would feel right at home on your list?

You'll want to have a Cardi B song on your playlist! What song will you put on it?

Which of these songs would be the first pick from your list?

You can only choose one artist for your playlist. Who's the lucky winner?

What Chance the Raper song would find its place on your list?

Which Nicki Minaj hit would be on your playlist?

There are many hits from Childish Gambino. Which hit makes it on your list?

Which Big Daddy Kane song is the one missing from your playlist?

What Nas song is a must for your playlist?

Lil' Kim has so many classics. Which classic makes the cut for you?

Which of these iconic songs get that top spot on your list?

You have to pick one of these Kendrick Lamar classics. Which one do you choose?

What Run-D.M.C. song must be on your list?

Only one Missy Elliot classic can make to your playlist. Which song will it be?

A good hip-hop playlist needs some Grandmaster Flash. Which of his songs makes the cut?

Which Eminem song makes the cut?

Which hip-hop artist would you want most on your playlist?

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