Create a Brand New Hogwarts Student and We'll Tell You What House They Belong In

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If you're a true Harry Potter fan, you must have, at one point or another, waited by the door for your acceptance letter to Hogwarts. Sadly, for most of us, that never happens and we don't get the chance to go to the castle unless we go to the theme park in Miami. But today, we're going to give you the chance to slide your own character into the world of Harry Potter. 

We're going to allow you to basically build your own student. You can tell us what house they'll be in, what pet they're bringing to Hogwarts and what class they'd suck at. Tell us if they'd be a fan of Harry's or if they'd try to stop him. We'll even want you to tell us what they're going to look like, including whether another ginger besides the Weasleys will be going to Hogwarts. 

So, create this guy or gal for us, and feel free to build them in your likeness if you feel like it- you can even pretend that it's you who's going to the castle. Tell us all about this new Hogwarts student so that we can tell you which house you truly belong in. 

What is this student’s blood status?

What house would they be sorted into?

Are they male or female?

Which of these movies would they appear in?

What would their favorite subject be?

Which of these subjects would they take as an elective?

Which of these teachers would they admire?

Which spell would they be great at casting?

What would their patronus be?

Which of these Dumbledore quotes would they adopt?

What would their wand core be?

What kind of grades would they get?

What would they see if they looked into the Mirror of Erised?

Which of these other students would they hang out with?

Which of these groups would they join?

Which magical creature would accompany them to school?

Which of these Wizarding shops would they visit regularly?

Which of these Quidditch positions would they play?

How would they help their house to win the cup?

Would they be nominated for head boy/girl?

How would you describe their personality?

Which of these negative traits would they possess?

Are they a troublemaker?

What would they get into detention for?

What would they do in their spare time?

What is their preferred method of travel?

How would they get to the castle?

Which of these magical objects would they keep for themselves?

Which horcrux would they destroy first?

What job would they like to have after school?

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