Quiz: From Tie-dye to Tuna Cans: Crafting Trends Through the Decades
From Tie-dye to Tuna Cans: Crafting Trends Through the Decades
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Find out how much you really know about the progression of crafting as a hobby, a lifestyle, a living and a cultural mirror over the centuries.

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During the Victorian era, jewelry, handbags and decorative items were made from which of these novel materials?
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This decade saw the first explosion of the fabric-dying method known as "tie-dye":
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Scrapbooking as we know it today likely dates back as far as:
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In the late 1960s/early 1970s, this centuries-old, knot-based art form took hold as a top crafting trend:
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This crafting trend, popular since the 1970s, uses macramé techniques:
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"Mod Podge," a crafting product created in the 1960s and still popular today, is a play on which of these terms:
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Which American, soon-to-be first lady brought knitters together to assist in a war effort?
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This 21st-century movement promotes crafting as a force for change:
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In the 1920s, Great Britain's Prince of Wales (eventually King Edward VIII, and later, the Duke of Windsor) sparked which knitting trend?
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In what year did the online marketplace Etsy first offer crafters and other artists a central Web site for selling their creations?
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As of 2012, men comprise which percentage of sellers on Etsy?
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In the mid-1800s, the offer of long-term payment plans for which machine encouraged women to pursue creative crafting?
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This university established the first post-secondary department of ceramics in the United States in 1894:
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Which of these common household items has become a popular crafting object in the 21 century?
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