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On a crab boat, greenhorns are those crewmen who are new to the experience of crab fishing. It is a particularly dangerous position, since crab fishing has the highest mortality rate of any job. Take this quiz to learn more about those daring greenhorns.

How much can crew members on a crab fishing boat earn?

A crew member on a crab fishing boat can earn up to $15,000 in one month.


Who is a crab boat greenhorn?

Greenhorns are the entry-level crabbers on a crab vessel.


What is the original meaning of the word greenhorn?

A greenhorn originally referred to an animal with budding horns. 


Who was referred to as a greenhorn in the mid-1600s?

In the mid-1600s, a greenhorn referred to a newly enlisted soldier.


What had the term greenhorn come to mean by the 1830s?

It took almost 200 more years for the term to refer to any inexperienced person or novice in a given trade.


A greenhorn on a crab boat:

On a crab boat, a greenhorn is a newbie who lacks crab-fishing experience.


Many greenhorns:

Commercial crab fishing is not for the weak spirited. The extremely punishing and dangerous work causes many greenhorns to quit after their first trip.


A greenhorn is a person at the __________ rung on a crab boat.

A greenhorn is a person at the very bottom rung on a crab boat.


What is the responsibility of a greenhorn on a crab vessel?

A greenhorn is responsible for helping other crew members and performing all grunt work on the boat.


What attracts many greenhorns into a crabbing career?

Besides the quick cash, many greenhorns join the crab fishing industry for the adventure.


Greenhorns earn a:

Greenhorns earn a half-share (half the amount of a regular crew member).


Which television show has converted the deadly crab fishing job into an industry favorite?

The TV show "Deadliest Catch" has converted the deadly crab fishing job into an industry favorite.


Which of the following is a crab protection plan?

Crab protection plans like crab rationalization have been put in place to conserve the species from overfishing.


How many crab boats set out from Alaskan ports each fishing season?

Approximately 250 crab boats race to catch crabs in Alaska each fishing season.


To get hired as a greenhorn on a crab boat, you should:

There is no formal training -- greenhorns learn on the job. Your best bet is to display a readiness to work hard.


Who prepares the bait for the crab pots on a boat?

A greenhorn is responsible for preparing bait.


What is a symptom of seasickness?

Severe seasickness symptoms include dehydration and delirium, which need immediate medical attention.


Almost 95 percent of the salmon caught in the U.S. come from:

Just about all U.S. salmon comes from Alaska.


Who pays for their food and equipment on the crab boat?

Many deckhands and greenhorns have to pay up front for their food and equipment, or the cost is taken out of their cut of the haul.


What is the next rung for a greenhorn on the crab boat?

A greenhorn gets promoted to full-share deckhand or crew member after his first or second trip.


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