Quiz: The Ultimate Country Decorating Quiz
The Ultimate Country Decorating Quiz
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Rustic simplicity is in. Country decorating ideas add timelessness and dignity to your country home. Take this dignified quiz on country decorating ideas.

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How is "new traditional" furnishing style characterized?
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Eighteenth-century Queen Anne and Chippendale pieces are _____
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Chintz originated from _____
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Pastel-colored quilts were typical of what decade?
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What did early-American pioneer homes often look like?
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Mission furniture reflects the 1900s mood of the _____
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What were some popular interior colors between the 1920s and 1950s?
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"Fresh country style" furnishings combine old and new simplicities according to the adage _____
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What styles were popular during the American Revolution?
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What type of porches were characteristic of American rustic style?
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In a room paneled with brick or wood, what sort of look is created by Art-and-Crafts-style furnishings?
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How can you create an appropriate color scheme in your country-home living areas?
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