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The world is full of amazing people, animals, and things. But how much do you know about the world around you? Are you glued to the Nat Geo channel? Do you fancy yourself an amateur scientist? Take this How Stuff Works quiz to find out if you can hold your own with the best scientists and researchers in the world.

Fun fact... did you know that a python can swallow a goat? Sure, it would have to be a BIG python, but a python can definitely dine on a goat. This is the type of fact that you will need to know to pass this quiz. We warn you though, there are no questions on this quiz about pythons and goats, so you'll need to know 35 different facts about the world around you to ace this quiz. Be prepared to answer questions about planets (yes, even Pluto, which we're still bummed is no longer classified as a full-fledged planet... yeah, we're never going to get over that), animals, geography, and more. And, if you don't think you're up-to-date on your scientific knowledge, you might want to brush up before you dig into this quiz.

Do you think you have what it takes to ace this quiz? Prove it.

How many Earths would it take to fill up the sun?

It would take about 1 million Earth's to fill up the sun. Did you know the sun was that big?


What frog can kill with its skin?

The poison dart frog holds its poison in its skin. One frog has enough toxin to kill as many as 100 people.


How many times its body length can a flea jump?

A flea can jump about 100 times its body length. If you could do that, you'd be able to jump over entire buildings!


What is the world's lightest mammal?

The bumble bee bat is the world's smallest mammal. This bat weights about the same as two M&Ms.


What was the first food consumed in space by an astronaut?

Applesauce was the first food consumed in space by an astronaut. See, astronauts... they're just like us.


What is the life expectancy of an alligator?

Alligators can live to be 80 years old. They are less aggressive than crocodiles.


What is the name for an animal that is part cow and part bison?

A beefalo is part cow and part bison. Yup, it's a thing.


Do camels sweat?

Camels actually do sweat. However, they tolerate the heat well and don't start sweating until their body temperatures reach about 106 degrees.


How many ants can an anteater eat per day?

An anteater can eat as many as 30,000 insects a day. An anteater eats more than just ants.


How many hours would it take a snail to cover one mile?

It would take a snail about 220 hours to crawl a mile. And that's only it it didn't take any breaks.


Who named Pluto?

An 11-year-old girl named Pluto. Hey, we wanna name a planet!


Which planet spins backward?

Unlike the other planets, Venus spins backward. Maybe its confused.


How long is a day on the planet Mercury?

A day is longer than a year on the planet Mercury. We can't decide if that's good or bad.


If you were in a plane, how long would it take you to fly across our galaxy?

If you were in a plane, it would take you roughly 120 billion years to fly across the entire Milky Way galaxy. You'd definitely need a fancy suspended animation chamber.


Which of the following animals has NOT been sent into space?

A kangaroo has not yet made it into space. We can think of several reasons why.


What planet has winds that blow more than 1,200 mph?

Neptune has some pretty strong winds. They can blow as hard as 1,200 miles per hour.


What do crickets use to detect sound?

Crickets use their knees to detect sound. Do they even have ears?


Which of your nostrils can detect scent best?

You can actually detect scent better through your right nostril than your left. That's random.


Can you smell in your dreams?

Who knew? Scientists have determined that you can actually smell in your dreams.


True or False? Newborn babies can see color.

This is false. Newborn babies are actually color blind.


What grows constantly on your tongue?

Taste buds regrow about every two weeks. Remember that for your next trivia night win.


True or False? Tornadoes always spin in the same direction.

This is false. Tornadoes spin in different directions depending on whether they occur above or below the equator.


What percentage of the Earth's water is saltwater?

About 97 percent of the water on Earth is saltwater. That means there's only three percent for us to drink.


True or False? Honey never spoils.

This is true. Honey never goes bad. Now you know what you will be eating during the zombie apocalypse.


According to the ancient Egyptians, where was the soul located?

According to the ancient Egyptians, the soul was located in the heart. That's why they removed all the other organs, but left the heart in the body after someone died.


Which was invented first, parachutes or airplanes?

Parachutes were invented before airplanes. That's kind of like putting the cart before the horse, no?


True or False? Australia was settled as a prison colony?

This is true. Australia was once a prison colony. However, many prisoners were sent there for minor infractions.


What bird can fly backward?

Hummingbirds can fly backward. They can also hover.


Which of the following is the body's largest organ?

The skin is the body's largest organ. Wear sunscreen!


How fast can an avalanche move?

An avalanche can travel as fast as 80 miles per hour. Forget about outrunning that.


True or False? Slugs have teeth?

This is actually true. Slugs have teeth. In fact, they can have thousands of them.


An ant can carry _____ times its body weight.

An ant can carry 50 times its body weight. Can you lift a truck?


Scientists believe that birds are descended from what?

Scientists believe that birds are descended from dinosaurs. You'll never look at a chicken the same way again.


True or False? Koalas have fingerprints.

This is true. Like people, koalas do have fingerprints.


True or False? Bulls hate the color red.

This is actually false. Bulls are color blind.


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