Quiz: Could You Survive in the Forest by Knowing Which Plants Can Be Food and Which Can Be Fatal?
Could You Survive in the Forest by Knowing Which Plants Can Be Food and Which Can Be Fatal?
By: Kennita Leon
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About This Quiz

Many of us think that it's virtually impossible to get lost in the woods. Maybe it's because we never leave the city, or perhaps we think we know too much. But you can never have too much knowledge when you're facing life and death. And because we don't like taking chances where life is concerned, we're going to make sure that you know what you should and should not eat lest you get lost in the woods. 

So, we're going to show you a bunch of trees, plants, and shrubs that are found in most forests. It's your job to identify them and tell us whether they'd nourish you, or whether you should send your final goodbyes over the mountain via smoke signals. Now, these plants may look harmless, but don't let that fool you - be very watchful! Plus, we've given you a bunch of hints that'll help you decide what you should put in your mouth and what you shouldn't even touch, far less ingest.

So, don't be a Bear Grylls, because we're not really sure you can handle it. Instead, try to be a younger brother or sister of his and start your training by telling us whether these plants are fatal or not!

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Would ingesting gooseberry mean your funeral is coming?
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Is water hemlock deadly?
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What about wild onion?
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Could pokeweed kill you?
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Could burdock kill you?
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Is lily-of-the-valley fatal?
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Would lambsquarters send a human to their grave?
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Does foxglove kill humans?
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Is milkweed deadly?
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What about the Virginia creeper?
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Could blueberry kill a person?
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Is belladonna life-threatening?
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Would ingesting wild ginger mean your funeral is coming?
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Does buckeye kill humans?
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And wild rose? Is it deadly?
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Is baneberry deadly?
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What about dandelion?
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Could holly kill you?
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And cranberry?
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Is manchineel fatal?
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Would wild strawberry send a human to their grave?
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Do rhododendrons kill humans?
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Is violet deadly?
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What about daphne?
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Could Jerusalem artichoke kill a person?
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Is castor bean life-threatening?
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Would ingesting wild garlic mean your funeral is coming?
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Does rosary pea kill humans?
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And amaranth?
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Is oleander deadly?
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What about American elderberry?
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Could poison ivy kill you?
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And bull thistle?
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Is monkshood fatal?
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Would chickweed send a human to their grave?
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Does angel's trumpet kill humans?
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Are currants deadly?
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What about English yew?
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Could red clover kill a person?
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Is desert rose life-threatening?
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