Quiz: Could you still pass high school chemistry?
Could you still pass high school chemistry?
By: Olivia Seitz
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Can you still answer these basic chemistry questions every student covers in high school? Whether you slept through class or knew your way around the beakers, take this quiz to see how well you remember high school chemistry concepts.

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An electron has what kind of charge?
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In what state of matter is lightning?
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Protons and neutrons have the same ______ but different ______?
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In an atom, which particle orbits the others?
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Which of the following is not a noble gas?
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What is the boiling point of water?
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Molecules are furthest apart when in which state of matter?
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The symbol "Am" stands for...
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What do we call a reaction that produces heat?
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What do you get when you add equal parts NaOH and HCl?
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Which of the following is the molecular formula of an acid?
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A molecule that "dislikes" water is what?
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What is the second element on the periodic table?
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What is the most highly electronegative element on the periodic table (i.e., what attracts electrons most strongly)?
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Lewis bases donate ______ and the acids receive them?
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You can make rock candy with a sugar water solution that is what?
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Which of the following is NOT usually characteristic of metals?
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In a covalent bond, atoms do what with electrons?
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How many valence electrons does a Group 2 element have?
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The elements of which Group react violently with water?
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What are the electrons in the outer shell of an atom called?
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Which of the following is NOT typical of a base?
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What is true about an aqueous solution?
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Which of the following is a balanced equation?
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The universe tends toward which of these?
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During a titration using phenolphthalein as an indicator, what color will you see in a basic solution?
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What kind of reaction is occurring when a metal rusts?
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"LEO the lion says ______." Can you complete the mnemonic?
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Heavier atoms are in which part of the periodic table?
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Which of the following covalent bonds is not possible?
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Surface tension on water is caused by...
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