Could You Pass the SAT Analogies Section?


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Verbal analogies not only test your vocabulary, but they also test your brain function! In this quiz, we're going to see if you're ready to pass the SAT analogies section. And we're also going to see if you have a brain. . .

Puppies : Dogs

We wanted to keep the first one easy! As you can see, puppies are to dogs what kittens are to cats. Easy, right?

Brushes : Painter

Brushes are to a painter what a chisel is to a sculptor. Both of these are tools of the artist's trade.

Bandage : Blood

A bandage is to blood what a dam is to a lake. Both a bandage and a dam are needed to keep the liquid in.

Tired : Energy

When you're tired, you're lacking in energy. Similarly, when you're hungry, you're lacking in food.

Ridiculous : Absurd

Something that is absurd is ridiculous. Also, someone who is emaciated is thin.

Iconoclast : Tradition

An iconoclast breaks with tradition and rules. Similarly, an atheist breaks with religion.

Maven : Competence

A maven is someone that has competence or expertise. Similarly, a supplicant is someone that has great humility.

Sodden : Wet

Something that is sodden is wet. Also, something that is arid is dusty.

Extort : Wrest

When you extort something, you wrest it or take it by force. Similarly, when you pilfer something, you steal it.

Car : Gasoline

A car runs on gasoline. Similarly, a truck runs on diesel.

Cantankerous : Happy

Someone who is cantankerous is not happy. Similarly, a plant is not an animal.

Computer : Emails

A computer receives emails. A phone receives calls. These are quite similar.

Monstrous : Murder

A murder is always monstrous. You could also say that a jackpot is always fortuitous.

Quest : Don Quixote

Don Quixote is famous for always going on quests. You can also say that a perpetual traveler is always going on trips.

Dog : Bipedal

A dog is not bipedal. Similarly, a rat is not an insect. We can be thankful for both of those facts.

Magnanimous : Donation

Someone who gives donations is magnanimous. Someone who gives insults is rude.

Pen : Novel

You can use a pen to create a novel. Similarly, you can use tile to make a mosaic.

Crust : Bread

A loaf of bread has crust on the outside. Similarly, an egg has a hard shell.

Zany : Shakespeare

This is a hard one! "Zany" is a word that Shakespeare invented. Similarly, the lightbulb is something Thomas Edison (along with others) invented.

Car : Radio

A car has a radio in it. Also, a human has a heart inside. Do you see the similarity?

Bat : Jersey

You could say a baseball player has a bat and a jersey. You can also say that a student has pencils and a ruler.

Chalk : Blackboard

You can use chalk on a blackboard. Similarly, you can use paint on a wall.

Broccoli : Cauliflower

Broccoli and cauliflower are two similar but different vegetables. Also, German Shepherds and Huskies are similar but different dogs.

Fix : Stable

When you fix something you make it stable. Also, when you fortify something, you make it strong.

Guttural : Sound

It's possible to make a guttural sound. It's also possible to make a delicious pie. There are many different kinds of sounds and many different kinds of pies.

Change : Invariable

Something that is invariable doesn't change. Likewise, someone who is stubborn doesn't compromise.

Gush : Drip

Water can come out in a gush, or it can come out in a drip. Likewise, you can either destroy something, or you can just bend it.

Walk : Legs

You walk with your legs. Similarly, you chew with your mouth. See the connection?

Topaz : Yellow

A topaz can be yellow, but it can also be a number of other colors. A dog can be brown, but it can also be many other colors.

Brightness : Lumen

Brightness can be measured in lumens. Similarly, length can be measured in inches.

Timid : Shy

When you are timid, you can be shy. Similarly, when you're lazy, you can be undependable.

Moon : Crater

The moon's surface has craters. Similarly, a golf ball's surface has dimples.

Sullen : Brood

When you are sullen, you brood. Similarly, when you are docile, you obey.

Rose : Flower

A rose is a flower. Also, a grasshopper is an insect. That was an easy one!

Reinforce : Stronger

When you reinforce something, you make it stronger. Also, when you erode something, you make it weaker.

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