Quiz: Could You Pass the Foreign Service Officer Test?
Could You Pass the Foreign Service Officer Test?
By: John Miller
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About This Quiz

If you watched the James Bond and Bourne Identity movies over and over again, you know how important it is for America to have diplomats representing its interest in foreign countries. Although they don’t pick up guns and chase spies, Foreign Service Officers are vital tools of U.S. policy, working on the ground to keep the peace and spread American values.

Do you have any idea what FSOs do on a daily basis? And do you think you could handle those tasks in times of boredom … and in the middle of a chaotic political meltdown?

To be an FSO, you need a broad educational background, a quick mind and the social graces of a wannabe Bill Clinton. Do you know enough about world politics and American policy to shine at your duties, even if you’re stuck at a backwater office in a Third-World Country with no clear guidance?

FSOs are relentless adaptable and in tune with the culture and environment around them. They know when to speak, and more importantly, when to listen to the local people, whose stories can alter the course of politics within any nation.

So before you buckle in for a long international flight to your post, you need to first demonstrate that you have what it takes to pass the FSO test. If you can prove your mettle, maybe you’ll be on your way to diplomatic stardom.

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Who was the second president of the United State?
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What is a well-known public service broadcaster is based in London?
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On which continent would you find the country of Colombia?
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During WWII, which of the following countries was NOT part of the Axis Powers?
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Which president served two non-consecutive terms?
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During WWII, which country did Japan attack, killing millions of soldiers and civilians?
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The Smith-Mundt Act (a.k.a. U.S. Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948) prohibited which activity?
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America imports most of its goods from which country?
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Which U.S. president served largely during the Great Depression?
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When a Japanese person smiles or laughs, it may not be a sign of happiness. Instead, it might signify _____.
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What's the purpose of the U.S. House Committee on Ways and Means?
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Which term refers to the ability of a country to attract people through to its culture and norms without resorting to force?
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Who built the Berlin Wall?
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Who helped to found the first U.S. national bank, as well as the U.S. Mint?
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If the U.S. president is incapacitated, American officials use the line of _____ to determine the next person in charge.
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Which famous European river runs from Germany to the Black Sea?
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To counter a flurry of negative press in a certain country, a Foreign Service Officer might take which action?
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The 18th Amendment addressed which product?
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What kind of government does North Korea have?
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What's the name of a U.S.-funded radio station in the Middle East?
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The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria contributed to the start of which conflict?
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How many U.S. constitutional amendments are there?
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Russia has what sort of government?
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What is the most populous country in Africa?
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