Quiz: Could You Pass the Foreign Service Officer Test?
Could You Pass the Foreign Service Officer Test?
By: John Miller
Image: youtube

About This Quiz

If you watched the James Bond and Bourne Identity movies over and over again, you know how important it is for America to have diplomats representing its interest in foreign countries. Although they don’t pick up guns and chase spies, Foreign Service Officers are vital tools of U.S. policy, working on the ground to keep the peace and spread American values.

Do you have any idea what FSOs do on a daily basis? And do you think you could handle those tasks in times of boredom … and in the middle of a chaotic political meltdown?

To be an FSO, you need a broad educational background, a quick mind and the social graces of a wannabe Bill Clinton. Do you know enough about world politics and American policy to shine at your duties, even if you’re stuck at a backwater office in a Third-World Country with no clear guidance?

FSOs are relentless adaptable and in tune with the culture and environment around them. They know when to speak, and more importantly, when to listen to the local people, whose stories can alter the course of politics within any nation.

So before you buckle in for a long international flight to your post, you need to first demonstrate that you have what it takes to pass the FSO test. If you can prove your mettle, maybe you’ll be on your way to diplomatic stardom.

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