Quiz: Could You Pass Disney School?
Could You Pass Disney School?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: Walt Disney Pictures

About This Quiz

From the very first movie, Disney has set the gold standard for what family movies should be. They have created characters like Moana, Belle, and Olaf that people can relate to, sung songs like "Part of Your World," "The Bare Necessities," and "When You Wish Upon a Star" that put smiles on our faces, and made movies like "Mulan," "Pinocchio," and "Hercules" that empower us, and its no wonder that the company is now a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. 

Like all companies, Disney has a history, a very interesting one at that, and while many of us are fans, there are very few of us who know the backstories of the movies, the characters, and the man who founded it all, Walt Disney. Can you name the early innovators of the company or the first flop?

We all know how many parks there are, names of the princess, and when the company was founded, but how much do you really know about Disney? If there was a school, would you be able to get in, ace your classes, and graduate? There's only one way to find out, and that is by taking this cool quiz!

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How many daughters does King Triton have?
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In the movie Alice in Wonderland, what time is the white rabbit’s pocket watch on?
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Who was the voice of adult Simba from The Lion King?
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Disney often finds its inspiration from fairytales, but which one of these was not based on one?
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Which of these celebrities did not have a job at Disneyland?
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Which of these Disney characters does not have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?
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Which of these movies were the song lyrics “And the fears that once controlled me can’t get to me at all” heard in?
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Which of these characters is not an official Disney princess?
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Which of these two actors served as the models for the character Aladdin?
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In the movie "Peter Pan," what kind of animal is the character called Nana?
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What animal was Oswald?
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Which of the Disney princesses has a racoon as a sidekick?
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What is Minnie Mouse's elongated name?
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Which of these emotions is not one of the 7 dwarfs?
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What is Li Shang’s rank in the Chinese army?
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What kind of animal is Timon from The Lion King?
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Where is the ride “The Barnstormer" located?
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In the movie "Hercules," his father Zeus made him a gift out of clouds. What was it?
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Who played the role of Bert in the original "Mary Poppins"?
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Louis the alligator from “The Princess and the Frog” wanted to be a________________.
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What is the name of the restaurant where Lady and Tramp had their iconic spaghetti scene?
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Which of these artists wrote many of the songs from the movie "Tarzan"?
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What are the names of the “Hitchhiking Ghosts” on The Haunted Manson ride?
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Which of these numbers is seen on the Mad Hatter’s hat?
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How many puppies did Perdita have?
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Thus far, there has only been one Disney villain to never appear on screen. Which movie has a villian in name only?
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Disney often based their characters on models. Which of these two princesses were based on the model Sherri Stoner?
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Which movie did the sidekick Pascal star in?
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In the movie Pocahontas, the Powhatan phrase “Wingapo” is used. What does it mean?
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