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The Queen of England is known for many things including her poise, power and style. But one of the most important things she is known for is her impeccable manners. It's well known that anyone meeting the queen must follow protocol but the queen herself must also follow a set of etiquette rules established for royalty. 

Etiquette is defined as a code of behavior that is expected of one in social situations. And while we're not sure who created this set of rules, we know that it has been in existence for centuries, even if it has changed significantly over the years. Something as simple as mixing food on your plate or asking the queen how her day was can upset her or cause you to be thrown out of her home. But did you know that? Do you know the list of do's and don'ts? 

Will you impress the Queen over some tea and crumpets? Or will it be off with your head for speaking out of turn? It's time to find out what your fate will be with this ultimate etiquette quiz. Go ahead and adjust your fascinator and get started on this quiz!

After receiving an invitation, you always do what?

The subtle art of responding to an invitation requires that you reply in writing! Send your response to the invitation as soon as you can.

What should female subjects do when meeting the queen?

It is required of women to curtsy when they greet the queen. Men must bow their heads at the neck and not do a full bow.

When addressing the queen, begin with _______.

A simple "Your Majesty" is how you begin a conversation with the queen. Then, during the conversation, you may refer to her as "ma'am."

Never do what to the queen?

You must never turn your back on the queen under any circumstances.

When at a dinner party, do not start eating until _______.

When at a dinner party, do not start eating until your host starts or indicates that you should dig in.

When spooning soup, you swipe the spoon in which direction?

When consuming soup, be sure that you swipe your spoon away from your body. You may tilt the bowl away from you as well.

What should you use to break bread?

You break bread and dinner rolls with your fingers. Contrary to what others think, you do not use your butter knife.

A guest of honor sits to the ______ of the host.

The guest of honor, male or female, sits to the right of the host.

When having dinner with the queen, stop eating when she ______.

It's important to stop eating when the queen has finished. It's all right to eat while she is holding discourse at the table.

Should you touch the queen?

You should not touch the queen unless she puts out her hand to shake yours. In that case, you keep a loose grip with little motion.

How do you start a conversation with someone from the royal family?

They're HRH for a reason. You begin a conversation with "Your Royal Highness." Then, during the conversation, you're allowed to use "sir" or "ma'am."

Should you ask questions of the queen?

You should not ask the queen direct questions. In fact, you want her to lead the conversation at all times.

How do you butter your bread?

Pull off a small piece of bread at a time and butter it. Do not butter the entire piece of bread all at once.

How do you use bread to soak up gravy or sauce?

You may soak up sauce with your bread, but it must be on a fork. Do not soak up sauce holding the bread in your fingers.

Can you drink soup straight from the bowl?

The soup must be consommé and the bowl much have handles. Both of these requirements must be met.

Can you mix food on your plate?

Never mix or mash the food on your plate, it's best to keep it all separate.

What should you always bring for the queen?

A gift in general should always be brought to the queen. This can be anything sensible of your choosing.

Which first lady accidentally put her hand on the queen's back?

Michelle Obama accidentally put her hand on the queen's back during a reception.

Can you call a Royal by their given name?

You may never call a royal by their given name. That means that you shan't call Catherine Middleton "Kate."

Can you eat shrimp with the queen?

As it turns out, the royals cannot eat shellfish. It's an old rule, but it still stands. Shellfish is too dangerous.

If you're a Catholic, can you marry a royal?

The royals can actually marry anyone of any religion, but that's a recent change. Before, you could not marry a British royal if you weren't of the Church of England.

Can you wash down a bite of food with some water?

You can wash down that bite of food, but make sure the food is fully swallowed! Also, swallow all food before taking another bite.

At a formal dinner, how do you eat pizza?

At a formal dinner, everything must be eaten with a fork and knife. If it's an informal barbecue, you're able to use your hands.

Your napkin should always be placed where?

Make sure the napkin is always placed on your lap. Never put your napkin into your collar, even if you're having lobster.

Which hand do Europeans hold the fork in?

For Europeans, the fork is always held in the left hand; there is no switching of cutlery from hand to hand. Americans do the cut-and-switch.

Should you push your plate away when you're done?

Never push your plate away. Leave it alone. Gently rest your fork and knife on the plate.

When you're done eating, place your napkin where?

Keep your napkin on your lap until you leave the table. Do not remove it after you're done eating.

How many pieces can you cut your food into?

When cutting up your food, never cut more than three pieces at a time. It's all right to cut one piece at at time.

If you're a direct heir to Prince Charles, you may not ______ ?

Direct heirs to the throne must not travel long distances together. That way there is always a spare heir.

If you give the queen a sack of coal, what will she do?

Royals must always accept gifts graciously. They are not allowed to look ungrateful.

If you're a royal, you must spend _______ ?

Royals are required to spend Christmas together. This will be done for the rest of their lives.

When you have tea with the queen, she'll probably be wearing _______.

The queen almost always wears a solid color. It's important that she dress modestly and simply.

If you are expecting an important call, is it proper to answer your phone at the table?

It is generally rude to answer your phone at the table - or to even have your phone visible during a meal. However, if you truly are expecting an important call, apologetically alert your companions in advance and leave the room when the call comes.

When passing food, always pass in which direction?

Always pass to the right, or counterclockwise, when passing dishes. Make sure the ladle is pointed towards the recipient.

What is the proper way to leave the table to use the restroom?

Excuse yourself and discreetly leave. When someone else leaves the table, never ask them where they're going.

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