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If you are a true crime lover with an eye for detail, put your investigation skills to the test. Find out if you could make it as a detective with this HowStuffWorks quiz!

What school do all police detectives attend at the beginning of their career?

All recruits must attend and make it through their local police academy before joining the force. Most people do at least 2 years as a police patrol officer before being promoted to detective.

What does the phrase "LEO" mean?

This stands for Law Enforcement Officer. It can refer to police, detectives and others.

A summons can be:

A summons is a legal document issued by a court or administrative agency of the government for a number of purposes. They are served to people involved in legal proceedings ranging from tax issues to traffic violations.

Which of these is not an example of biological evidence?

Biological evidence contains biological material and is derived from the human body. Bodily fluids and tissues are biological evidence.

LEM stands for what?

Lateral Eye Movements (LEM) are the eye movement patterns generally used to help discern whether someone is lying or not. These patterns are different for left-handed, right-handed and ambidextrous people.

Which of these cannot cause a chemical injury?

Chemical injuries and all injuries are legally classified as either simple or grievous. Chemical injuries are caused by some sort of chemical agent, or even lightning, X-rays and electricity.

Abrasions have medico-legal importance because they provide _______ about crimes.

Abrasions indicate the site and impact of force, may be the only external signs of serious internal injury and can connect crimes to the objects used to commit them and the place they were committed. They can even indicate the age of injury, pinpointing the crime concretely to a specific time.

Detectives who specialize in white-collar crime usually investigate cases of:

White-collar crimes do not often involve violence, but they do often involve identity theft and financial ruin. Financial crimes can include fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, bribery and more.

Which of these would be the best interrogation question to use?

Straightforward and non-confusing questions are the best to use during interrogation. They provide little room for misunderstandings or claimed misunderstandings.

Which of these has to do with criminalistics?

Criminalistics refers to the scientific tests and techniques used to detect and solve crimes. This is also known as forensics.

Do right- and left-handed people look different ways when lying under interrogation?

Right-handed, left-handed, and ambidextrous people follow different eye movement patterns when remembering details and images, versus making them up on the spot. However, this pattern is not 100% accurate all the time, and some psychologists are not sure about it.

Which of these does police training entail?

At training academies, police hopefuls are trained in a number of practical and classroom skill sets. These include everything from a knowledge of constitutional law to self-defense.

In which direction do right-handed people generally look when remembering information?

Right-handed people look up and to the left when recalling imagery. They look sideways and to the left when remembering sounds, words and tones.

What is the examination of a body post-mortem to determine the cause of death called?

An autopsy is a highly specialized surgical procedure where a corpse is examined to determine its cause of death. It is usually carried out by a pathologist.

The Rules of Engagement relate to the use of:

The Rules of Engagement are the internal rules among organizations, mostly military, which define the circumstances and the degree in which different uses of force are appropriate or inappropriate. It generally defines what is not acceptable.

Do you have a criminal record?

Those with criminal records are usually barred from becoming police officers, which means they can't become police detectives. While there are certain types of misdemeanors which may be overlooked, a record of violent crime or theft disqualifies people instantly.

Which of these can call for a person's arrest?

Warrants are generally written by judges, and legally allow an officer of the law to violate another person's individual rights with total protection. Warrants are commonly related to searches or arrests.

Who do police detectives interview to solve crimes?

Detectives interview all of those involved in crimes to attempt to solve them and see that justice is served. They read body language, eye movement cues, tone and more to try and discover the truth.

After death a body:

The cooling of the body after death is known as Algor Mortis. This is a complex process that appears at different rates throughout the body.

Thermal injuries are caused by:

Thermal injuries can be caused by heat or cold. These can be frostbite, trench foot, burns and scalds.

Who do detectives work closely with?

Detectives work closely with their jurisdiction's CSI, Crime Scene Investigation, Unit. These units gather the forensic evidence the detectives need to solve cases.

Do police detectives wear uniforms?

Police detectives do not wear uniforms and drive unmarked cars. They spend most of their time collecting evidence for the cases they are assigned, rather than patrolling.

Why is it important to examine victims of physical trauma two days later?

Certain wounds are not always readily apparent. Deep bruises may appear hours or up to two days later, which can provide concrete clues as to the crime and possibly even deeper internal injury.

Noticing maggots on a corpse at a crime scene can help you determine:

Flies are generally the first bug attracted to a decomposing corpse. They lay their eggs within two days after death, and maggots might hatch from these eggs and eat from a corpse for up to five days. Where the bugs are in their life cycle can provide insight into time of death.

Which of these is a viable cause of death classification?

All of these are viable cause of death classifications. Suicide is another option for cause of death.

Which of these are examples of trace evidence?

Trace evidence is evidence that can be transferred between objects, people or the environment during a crime. Pollen, wood and gunshot residue are other examples of trace evidence.

All police detectives start as:

Most criminal justice careers involve starting at the bottom as a police officer. You will have to do your time and work your way up to ultimately become a detective.

Which of these skills is highly important to any hopeful police detective?

Investigative reports are incredibly lengthy and highly detailed. Being able to write understandable and correct investigative reports is key to any police detective's career.

How do police departments choose who will be promoted from police officer to detective?

Every police department is different, and the selection process can vary widely. Most use some combination of the above to choose who will be promoted.

In which case are abrasions rare?

Abrasions are defined as a destruction of generally the outermost layers of skin. These can include scratches, grazes, pressure abrasions and impact abrasions.

A subpoena is an order issued by the:

Subpoenas are ordered by the court and generally require people to appear in person at a certain time, date and place, to offer witness testimony about a particular case.

Which of these is a type of police detective?

There are several types of police detectives. As well as those listed above, there are also detectives who specialize in sex crimes and drug enforcement.

Which direction to right-handed people generally look in when lying?

According to the LEM pattern for right-handed people, they look to the upper right when making up imagery. When constructing sounds and words, they look sideways to the right.

Which of these is not an immediate cause of death from wounds?

There are both immediate causes of death from wounds, which kill the victim almost immediately as a direct result of physical trauma itself, and remote causes, which kill later as a result of something caused by wounds. Remote causes include infection, gangrene, necrosis, operation and natural diseases.

Deaths caused by falling from a height are rarely:

This type of death is rarely premeditated or homicidal. They are more commonly suicides or accidents.

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