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The exciting sequel to "Avatar: The Last Airbender" explores the life of the avatar who takes over after Aang passes on. How much do you know about the series? See if you're a true fan by acing this quiz!

What is Avatar Korra's natural bending element?

Korra hails from the Southern Water Tribe, and thus is most comfortable bending water.

Early in the series, who does Korra fall for?

Korra develops a crush on Mako but isn't sure if the feelings are mutual. The ups and downs of her relationship (or lack thereof) is a running theme in Book 1.

Korra meets Mako and Bolin through their participation in what?

Mako and Bolin were pro-benders whose teammate had to drop out; Korra filled in and, while the trio struggled at first, they found their rhythm and were able to work together eventually.

What is Amon's special power?

Amon made a great show of removing the powers of benders that he and his henchmen rounded up. People thought he was a fake until more and more benders lost their powers.

Who is Tenzin's former flame?

Lin and Tenzin dated for some time, but ultimately broke up because of the different lives they desired. Pema seized the opportunity to confess her love to Tenzin, and the rest is history.

Which element does Korra struggle to bend?

Bending fire, water and earth came naturally to the young avatar, but she struggles immensely in the show to learn airbending.

Which two "Legend of Korra" characters get married at the end of the show?

The engagement and wedding of Varrick and Zhu Li was tucked into the end of the series and came as a surprise to some fans. Others saw the loyalty the two displayed for each other and were happily proven right when Varrick proposed.

Korra is often hampered and frustrated by whose politics?

Korra often struggles to secure the support of the Council and of Republic City's president. She doesn't like playing political games and doesn't appreciate being treated like she's too young to understand things.

Korra brings her pet from the ______ along on her adventures.

Naga is Korra's beloved pet polar bear dog. The two found each other during a snowstorm and have been nigh inseparable ever since.

How do normal people gain airbending abilities?

Harmonic Convergence - an event during which the spirit portals align - only comes every 10,000 years, but when it does come, it brings changes to the world. This time, those changes include granting bending to various individuals who used to be nonbenders.

Bolin is the ______ in many of Varrick's popular moving pictures.

The "movers" were wildly successful and Bolin gained fame as "Nuktuk, Hero of the South." He quit the job after discovering that Varrick was behind a plot against Republic City's president.

How does Korra unlock her airbending?

After Korra's bending is removed, she managed to airbend in a life-or-death response. While she doesn't immediately master airbending, it marks the first time she's able to airbend.

What or who is Vaatu?

Vaatu is an ancient, evil being who does battle periodically with the spirit of light, Raava. Since Raava fused with the original avatar to defeat Vaatu, it falls upon Korra to defeat Vaatu during Harmonic Convergence.

What is the name of Tenzin's eldest daughter, who has a strong connection to the spirit world?

Jinora, a powerful airbender in her own right, comes to the aid of Team Avatar because of her ability to travel through the spirit world at will.

Who acts as Republic City's tough-as-nails chief of police?

Lin Beifong, Toph's daughter, is a powerful metalbender who heads an elite team of metalbending police to keep Republic City safe.

Which of Bolin's crushes forces him into an unwanted engagement?

Bolin fell for Eska during his time with her at the North Pole, but the relationship was far from healthy: Bolin acted as her servant, and when she thought things were ending, she tried to make him marry her. Bolin beats a quick retreat, then the two reconcile later in the series.

Who teaches airbending to Korra?

During the first part of "Legend of Korra," Tenzin is the only airbender in the world, since only one of Aang's children inherited his airbending abilities.

Who does Mako date during the series?

Mako dates Asami at the beginning of the series, but later leaves her for Korra. The two lovebirds struggle to communicate, and eventually Korra breaks things off to be her own woman for a while.

Why does Team Avatar distrust Asami at first?

When the team learns that Asami's father is an Equalist, they shun her; fortunately, she is able to convince them that she doesn't share her father's bigoted beliefs. They go on to defeat his inventions together.

What shocking truth about Amon does Korra expose?

Amon, the man who claims he will permanently rid the world of bending, is himself a bender. Once his followers see him for what he is, his movement evaporates.

Whose side do the twins Desna and Eska ultimately choose?

During most of Legend of Korra, the twins are immovably loyal to their father. When he demonstrates disregard for their lives and merges with an evil spirit, the twins abandon him and work with Team Avatar.

What is Zaheer?

As it turns out, an idealistic, airbending criminal is bad news for Korra and the gang. He nearly succeeds in his attempt to kill Korra after he decides that the world is better off without an avatar.

Opal Beifong, Lin's niece, is a nonbender who does what?

Opal had adjusted to life as a nonbender, despite her family's talent for earth bending, but must find her place in the world anew when she gains airbending abilities.

After the Earth Queen is murdered, who restores order to the Earth Kingdom?

Kuvira is successful in stabilizing the region, but she becomes power-hungry and maintains an iron rule on the land, oppressing the people.

How does Toph help Korra?

When viewers are reunited with Toph, she's happily camping out in the Foggy Swamp. She assists Korra in many ways, helping her to overcome both her physical illness and her mental blocks.

Kuvira is willing to betray her fiance, Baatar Jr., in order to do what?

Toph Beifong's grandson, Baatar Jr., is engaged to Kuvira when she makes the call to blow up the facility where the Avatar has him trapped. He is shocked by her disregard for his life and joins Team Avatar.

The weapons developed by Varrick for Kuvira are powered with what?

Varrick harnesses spirit energy in the weapons he reluctantly builds for Kuvira, who imprisoned him and his assistant, Zhu Li Moon.

Where do Tenzin and his family live?

Tenzin lives on Air Temple Island, a small island off the coast of Republic City. It's where he raises his family and trains new airbenders.

Zaheer and Unalaq are both members of what group?

The Red Lotus is often considered an anarchist organization - their goal is to rid the world of the four nations and the avatar. Members interpret how to reach this goal differently, leading Unalaq to free Vaatu and leading Zaheer to hunt down the Avatar.

What is the name of Bolin's adorable fire ferret?

Pabu is Bolin's loyal companion throughout the series, often joining Bolin for comedic relief in the show.

What happens to Mako and Bolin in the Earth Kingdom capital, Ba Sing Se?

They are overjoyed to find their grandmother and other relatives safe and well in Ba Sing Se. Their grandmother is able to show them a picture of their parents, who died when Mako and Bolin were little.

What happens to Zaheer?

He is placed under solitary confinement for the rest of his days - not a surprise given how dangerous he is. He spends much of this confinement exploring the Spirit World through astral projection.

Who kills Amon?

When Amon brings Tarrlock with him on his escape boat, the two have a heart-to-heart and Tarrlock decides that the best way to keep the world out of danger is to kill Amon, sacrificing his own life in the process.

Which of the following is revealed about Sokka?

The beloved character from "Avatar: The Last Airbender" does not feature prominently in Legend of Korra, but viewers do pick up a few tidbits about his life after saving the world with Aang.

How many times does Korra save Republic City in her lifetime?

Korra saves Republic City from all kinds of threats - the Equalists, an over-powered Unalaq, and Kuvira's army, to name a few. But the series ends with her walking forward into a new future, so it's impossible to say how many more times she'll come to the rescue!

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