Could You Be a Wild West Sheriff?

Zoe Samuel

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About This Quiz

While the era of warring cowboys and Indians has passed, its legend lives on. Would you have had what it took to bring law and order to the rough and untamed frontier?

Are you good with horses?

How good a shot are you?

How fast can you reload a revolver?

Do you know the letter of the law?

Do you know the spirit of the law?

Do you know any Native languages?

Do you know how to start a fire?

Do you have a strong sense of justice?

Does the wilderness intimidate you?

Can you make decisions under pressure?

Are you good at multi-tasking?

Do you care about playing by the rules?

Do you like wide open spaces?

Do you look good in a pair of cowboy boots?

Do you know how to navigate by the stars?

How resourceful are you?

Do you always doff your hat for a lady?

How do you take your whisky?

How's your swagger?

Do you know how to tie a bolo tie?

Do you know how to rock a pair of chaps?

Are you good at ordering people around?

Do you feel ambivalent about the taming of the West?

How ambitious are you?

Do you mind being tied down?

Do you need to be part of something larger than yourself?

Can you take care of a horse's hooves?

Can you handle being out in the hot sun?

Do you know how to find safe drinking water?

Can you handle facing a mountain lion?

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