Quiz: Could you be a stockbroker?
Could you be a stockbroker?
By: Bambi Turner
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About This Quiz

Stocks have served as one of the most effective investment tools over time, but do you know how the stock market actually works? Take our quiz to see how stocks can boost your bottom line -- or cause you to lose it all.

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Which of these investments typically comes with the lowest return?
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What do brokers call it when the market is on the upswing?
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What are you really doing when you buy a share of stock?
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When you purchase a bond, what are you doing?
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How many firms make up the Dow?
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What's the most you can lose when you invest in the stock market?
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On average, what type of annual return does the S&P 500 offer?
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How much did the Dow drop in 2008, as the U.S. economy struggled?
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Which of these represents a typical return on bonds?
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Which of these comes with the most risk?
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Which of these is NOT a stock exchange?
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Which of these agencies oversees stock trades?
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What is another term for the coupon rate on a bond?
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Which of these is a typical return on Treasury bonds?
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What term describes the stock market when prices are falling drastically?
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Which of these pays interest?
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When you buy a municipal bond, you are loaning money to whom?
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Which ratio is one of the most basic tools for evaluating stock?
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When you multiply the number of shares of stock a company has sold by the price per share you get what?
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Which of these represents the riskiest investment?
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What's the best portfolio for the average investor?
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Which of these represents the best price if you want to buy a stock, all other things being equal?
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When you invest in a COD, you are lending money to whom?
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Which of these guarantees a payout over a certain number of years?
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