Could You Be a Member of a NASCAR Pit Crew?

Steven Miller

Image: WikiCommons

About This Quiz

Are you athletic, quick, and accurate enough to be relied on when the pressure is high? Your answers to the following questions will let us know if you've got the right stuff.

How athletic are you?

How good would you be at mastering a repetitive task?

How well do you deal with intense pressure?

What kind of music do you listen to?

How strong are your mechanical skills?

How well do you think on your feet?

How physically strong are you?

Are you able to come up with creative solutions to problems?

How organized are you?

What is your attention-to-detail like?

What kind of a car do you drive?

How big of a NASCAR fan are you?

How well do you deal with constructive criticism?

Would you consider yourself to be a team player?

How strong are your communication skills?

How likely are you to help someone in need?

Would you consider yourself to be a reliable person?

Do you enjoy traveling?

How appealing is living in an RV to you?

Are you more likely to take your car to a mechanic or fix it yourself?

How prone to injury are you?

Would you be able to run out in front of a car slamming to a halt?

How well are you able to deal with extreme heat?

When was the last time you broke something accidentally?

Does having grease on your hands bother you?

Do you party a lot?

When was the last time you called in sick to work?

What speed do you tend to move at in life?

How much do you talk about cars?

Do you have a great sense of humor?

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